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How the Earth was made

A message from Archangel Uriel

In the beginning we angels of light filled this universe; we entered in alongside our brother angels of sorrow and despair in equal numbers. We came with jobs to do. We provide the vibration of love while they provide everything that is unlike love; we call it darkness. In opposition to each other we set about filling the universe with the structure and framework that would allow life to exist in many, many forms. We gave you the light of the sun and stars; they provided the darkness in between. Today we approach an event that will signal the time for everything to return to the Source of all.

This channel has been wondering how the Earth was formed energetically after stumbling across the core and centre, the place where it all began. We formed a vortex of energy in the emptiness of space, a swirling that gained in energy as we stirred and stirred. Soon we held in our hands enough energy to shape into a ball, energy so dense it took on form. The dainty lady that is the soul of the Earth stepped into the ball, and became one with the energy of the universe. This ball that we held in our hands, so beautiful and fragile, filled with cheerfulness and anticipation, became your planet. Remember this as you live your daily lives in partnership with her.

Do not worry about your own futures, and do not hold back from life. This planet is where you incarnate to participate in the story of the universe, where you have a pre-arranged role to play. There is only a little time before your contract expires, and your role is to live with the Earth and all who live on her; to see yourself as part of the web of life here, not separate or in a position of dominance. There is much to learn about yourselves and your role here, and changes to make in your relationships to each other and the planet. The crucial events of 2012 have been put into motion to benefit the planet, and the more you have changed to express love in your lives, the easier it will be for you.

Restoring the Earth Bit by Bit

In “Planet Earth Today” the archangels talk about cleaning up the Earth by joining together and starting in your own neighbourhoods. In this month’s National Geographic Magazine (Aug. 2010) there is a lovely article about the Native Lands being restored by the American tribes. They are grubbing out the non-native plant species and restoring the land to what it was before they came along to use it.  They’re returning it to the use of the wildlife forms that once lived there, and the planet is responding with health. I think my favourite has to be the Chippewa Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota, but then I always had my summer vacations as a child fishing on the Chippewa lands of northern Wisconsin. 

The Seminole are using two thousand acres of reservation land in Florida’s Big Cyprus Swamp and are bringing back the water flow there. It‘s bringing back healthy life to the area.

A year ago a friend of mine was buying a house and wooded lot on the East Coast of the US, and asked me to look at it for her, energetically. I could see a land that had stopped communicating, and was still mourning the absence of the Native Americans. When they lived on that land, they lived with her and she wasn’t alone. It was like having very friendly, considerate neighbours that you spend a lot of time with, who move away and their house stays empty. My friend is going to have to start by waking up her land, and communicating with it, and she’s the right person to do it.

A Planet Frozen in Time

When I work with my angelic guides they sometimes show me something they want me to see. Yesterday I watched a vision of our planet in a freezing vat of water, so cold that it was hard to draw breath. The solution seemed to apply heat to the water, so while I was working on that aspect they turned the Earth over and I could see they were busy reconnecting her to the universe. Electric cables were being attached to her and each one ran to a different star. The freezing water was Reiki energy, hampered by – what?

This came at the end of a week where I was trying to get the second book finished (Downfall of Atlantis), and had to understand how of all the planets in the universe, this one was on linear time instead of universal time.  It’s a great story about the compromise King Arthur had to make to save the planet in his time, and how his life echoes on and on in books today.

The reconnection of the planet to the rest of the universe will be a good thing, but not without risks for her as we plunge back into the situation present at Arthur’s last battle. It’s not time to congratulate ourselves yet, but time to renew our commitment to living with her.