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Woodland Tapestry of Life

Archangel Melchizadek

It snowed today, enough to coat every branch and leaf in white. Each holly leaf could hold an inch by itself in its thorny cup. A white blanket was laid down to snuggle under and take a winter’s rest. That hush you hear in the woods after the first snowfall is more than the silence of sleeping animals. It’s the annual rest for the plants, hibernating like the warm blooded woodland residents. There’s an end to the constant chatter of the plant kingdom.

But you say you don’t hear plants talk?

Most of you are so used to hearing the continual rumble and speech, from the lowest sounds from the largest tree roots to high piping sounds of the smaller, younger plants that you ignore it. You all have the capacity to hear and understand the sense of what they are talking about. It’s quiet now in the winter latitudes, and you will have a chance to listen in again in the spring.

In the spring the sounds are of a vast excitement, the bluebell bulbs are reining themselves in, trying not to burst through the soil before it’s their appropriate time. They can’t wait to get up there and flower to be part of the whole life of the woods, each part indispensable. They weave between them a tapestry of life made up of every plant, animal and insect. (Especially the insects, who go-between and unify the others.)

Where do you humans fit into this picture, and how do you relate to the rest of the life on this planet? You are 99.99% left out of the picture. You work with very few other life forms and you walk through your lives as if you are the only ones consciously alive.  You could not be more wrong. When you think of angels do you think we only work to help you, and communicate with humanity? We work with all life in this universe, we help all who ask us and your fellow life forms on this planet have asked us for help. They find it increasingly difficult to maintain life here as the planet is degraded through your activities. We know that many of you do not support this planetary degradation. What are you going to do about it?

Why we write these blogs

Archangelic collective

We’ve been dictating these blog entries for months now, and for us it has been a rare opportunity to speak directly to humanity through a clear channel. As the new year begins the energy on your planet will have a wonderful shift towards the light, it will be the beginning of the process that will take you through to the end of 2012. Everyone who makes their own personal commitment to change in their own lives, to releasing the weights that hold them back and prevent them from flowing with the new energy will accelerate forward. They will ‘go with the flow’ as the flow speeds up and carries them along effortlessly.

We see how hard you work to keep your lives and livelihoods together. Part of this is because you are not engaged with the reality of change and the flows of energy. When we see stagnant energy we see illness, we see sick lives. What we see when we look at you is your energy, not your faces or your bodies. So we see people who carry a great deal of light and shine their lights out from their hearts in their daily lives. We see those who generate misery and attempt to ensnare all around them in ropes of unhappiness. We also see the vast majority in the middle, who live unconscious and unthinking lives. (Those are not the readers of our blogs.) We can see exactly who is ready to step into the stream of energy and move forward with it, blending into the rightness of the universal flow, and we can see those who are, through fear generally, hanging on for dear life to all their cares and possessions so they block the flow from their lives.

The energy that will come in 2011 and 2012 will increase in strength to give you a chance to assimilate, so it won’t be such a shock. But we’re warning you now; it’s coming from next spring, a flow that will increase slowly going from strength to strength that may be strong enough to knock some people off their feet by the end. Would you choose to swim in an ocean with all your belongings hung around your neck, or free and ready to move with the currents?

Planet Earth Today has much more information about the energy, and the importance of self-treating with Reiki daily to allow you to step forward with the energy. Those are the people who will find it easiest.

Time and Its Many Layers – part three

First Elohim

The time was when you knew that you were connected to a timeless universe. You knew who you were and what your role was in relation to others in the whole of creation. Nothing exists in isolation, and you exist as a piece of a greater picture. The farthest star in the universe exists in relation to you because you are all part of the same universe, as it was created by the Creator.

When the human soul chooses a course of action, and takes steps in any direction, all of the life in the whole universe, galaxy after galaxy, has its environment altered – energetically. There are qualities and levels of energy, so we don’t care where you step, just how you stepped.

But the other side of the universe is so far away, how can anything that happens here have an effect there? A change in energy is now; it’s timeless and therefore instantaneous. So if you decide that you will take steps to clean your environment and respect all other life on the planet, including the planet itself you will raise the energy here and everywhere else in the universe. Raising the energy is more enjoyable than lowering it if you have to live through it. If you think about your soul on one planet is a little like one cell in an organ in your body perhaps you can see how the health of that cell affects the overall health of the body.

How can one person have an affect on the planet and the universe? Living with love and joy will affect everyone across the universe.

Time and Its Many Layers – part two

First Elohim

The last time I spoke about the relationship of the Earth to the Universe and how linear time would need to be released before the planet ascends. This is not a problem for the planet, as she could release time in an instant. We look at the human race and see that there is a long way to go before you can give up your artificial concept of linear time; linear time that is meaningless on all planets except this one.

For now you may practice releasing the future and all its worries, releasing the past and all its mistakes, and the present itself. All gone, and what is left? Suddenly there is only you, the real you as you exist without the burden and worry of time. This is the closest some of you will ever get while you are alive to meeting your real self, your inner soul; the part of you that lives beyond your lifetimes.

What is the point of releasing time in this way, in a temporary fashion? One big part is the joy at meeting yourself without being partially hidden behind the veils of time, and joy is a valuable destination in itself. Another part is that you weaken the misconception of time in your life by letting it go. Linear time is false, and when you finally see the truth of no-time it is empowering, as the truth always empowers. You won’t feel so small and insignificant, like an autumnal leaf blowing on the wind.

You have the challenge of living through days and seasons knowing that you are caught up in linear time, and for some of you stepping sideways into the timeless truth of the Universe.

I’ve done this many times, and found it easy to walk in other times and places while leaving my body behind. One day a year ago while visiting Fountains Abbey ruins in Yorkshire I wished to see what it was like there without time. I found myself being jostled by all the monks who had lived there over the centuries, all walking the paths with me at once. This was fairly uncomfortable (too many people!) but also so alien to the way we are used to seeing our surroundings. We weren’t brought up to live without time and it’s not an easy concept. When we hear anecdotal stories about walking into villages from the past that are there one day and gone the next (as happened to a friend of mine on a Devon coastal walk), the villages are of course there in their own time. They are still there as all time is now, and we can still step into them.      Candace

Again, there is more written about time in the book Downfall of Atlantis.

Time and Its Many Layers – part one

First Elohim (the granddaddy of all the Elohim angels)

Time is tricky to comprehend. In the greater Universe there is no time, it is a meaningless concept as the Universe exists without time. How long does it take an angel to cross the Universe? No time at all, so we can be everywhere at once if we choose. Usually we choose to be certain places doing certain things rather than blanketing the Universe with our presence. We can also see a sequence of events that are cause and effect; therefore some events predate others on planets and have a knock-on effect, but not in the wider Universe. The wider Universe just is.

Timelessness is a state of now, so the largest unit of time in your Universe is not the past or the future, but the present. The present exists and expands to fill every nook and cranny of time and the rest is not there. The past is gone and the future has not arrived. It never will, it will always be the moment you are living in, which is now.

Earth time is linear, so you are living in a prearranged set of circumstances which includes living in linear time.  Think of the timelessness of the greater Universe which is the setting for Earth, and now think how you are running on local Earth time. What is going to have to happen before the Earth can ascend and rejoin all the other life in the Universe? She will have to stop using local linear time, and become timeless to fit back in.

Steps have been taken to shake up the strict timeline you live on. Some of you will notice more and more often that time seems to have some variations now, perhaps having a bit of swirl or speeding up or slowing down. This is how the planet is loosening the grip time has on it, and starting to signal the end of a long era, of the long time humanity has lived here. This is a good thing, as it really is time to move on.

(There is a lot more about time and the steps taken to shake it up in The Downfall of Atlantis.)