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We’ve been dictating these blog entries for months now, and for us it has been a rare opportunity to speak directly to humanity through a clear channel. As the new year begins the energy on your planet will have a wonderful shift towards the light, it will be the beginning of the process that will take you through to the end of 2012. Everyone who makes their own personal commitment to change in their own lives, to releasing the weights that hold them back and prevent them from flowing with the new energy will accelerate forward. They will ‘go with the flow’ as the flow speeds up and carries them along effortlessly.

We see how hard you work to keep your lives and livelihoods together. Part of this is because you are not engaged with the reality of change and the flows of energy. When we see stagnant energy we see illness, we see sick lives. What we see when we look at you is your energy, not your faces or your bodies. So we see people who carry a great deal of light and shine their lights out from their hearts in their daily lives. We see those who generate misery and attempt to ensnare all around them in ropes of unhappiness. We also see the vast majority in the middle, who live unconscious and unthinking lives. (Those are not the readers of our blogs.) We can see exactly who is ready to step into the stream of energy and move forward with it, blending into the rightness of the universal flow, and we can see those who are, through fear generally, hanging on for dear life to all their cares and possessions so they block the flow from their lives.

The energy that will come in 2011 and 2012 will increase in strength to give you a chance to assimilate, so it won’t be such a shock. But we’re warning you now; it’s coming from next spring, a flow that will increase slowly going from strength to strength that may be strong enough to knock some people off their feet by the end. Would you choose to swim in an ocean with all your belongings hung around your neck, or free and ready to move with the currents?

Planet Earth Today has much more information about the energy, and the importance of self-treating with Reiki daily to allow you to step forward with the energy. Those are the people who will find it easiest.

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