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Why Trees Sleep in Winter


In the local paper last week (mid-January) there was a feature on a group who were going to go out wassailing to “wake up the trees” this week in a community apple orchard. The trees are asleep and unresponsive right now, as it’s still cold outside.

Think about what you know about trees, about the sap rising in warm spring weather as it thins and flows, and suppleness increasing with fluid moving about their bodies and limbs. They’re less brittle, and less likely to break. Their most vulnerable time is when the wind blows hard in the winter and they are stiff.

There’s a rhythm to the tree year similar to hibernating animals that sleep all winter long. They choose to take all their rest at once in the quiet and cold times so they can be awake day and night in the summertime. They enjoy something many of you have forgotten to experience; long, soft summer nights with night birds, animals, insects and stars. They can spend time with everyone that way, the day creatures and the night ones. And everyone gets to spend time with them, which goes into the heart of what they are doing here on this planet. They are the guardians of the other life forms; they protect and inform, teach and explain over and over with love and patience. They are respected and revered for their wisdom, and seen as the strongest ally in the natural world. They put themselves right out there on the front line where they’re vulnerable to winter winds, matches and axes. They are a target for some, and a teacher for others. Wherever they are present they change the environment for the better through love.

Only you humans are insensible to the life in front of your eyes.


In the Cabrini Green housing estate in Chicago, a fairly rough area, there were trees on only half the large estate. That was the half with the lowest crime figures. Other than the trees there were no noticeable differences.

Channelling as a way of life

Archangel of Light

We’ve been working with this channel for some years now, and much of her work has been written down in the form of guidance and help for others. Because she writes it down there is now a body of work, a history of the struggle and changes that have happened in these final years of the old age, before the new days rolls in with the 2012 light bath. We trust her to listen carefully and remove her consciousness out of the way when we are speaking.

How to channel – for those of you who know you can hear voices and wonder if you’re hearing correctly. Channelling is not hearing voices in your head that urge you to hurt people or tell you something bad about yourself. Is it a positive message of love? Do the words encourage you to move forward in your lives? Angels are beings of love, and we do not yell at you or tell you that you are bad. If you hear a voice telling you that you’ve done something wrong, there’s a good chance it’s your own.

There are three ways of channelling information from us:

1.       Listening to our voices

2.       Seeing pictures or watching short “films” we show you

3.       Knowing, or feeling that you’re right

When you listen or see (clairaudient or clairvoyant), hear the word(s), acknowledge them and let it go so there is a space for the next word(s). The same method applies to pictures, see one and let it go so the next picture can come through. Words and pictures can come towards you in a straight line and you only see the word or picture at the front of the line. There’s usually more coming behind. When you’re a beginner we keep it simple and short. There are some of you reading this with a great aptitude for channelling.

Knowing or feeling that you are right works a little differently as it may come as a response to a question within yourself. You know the answer, and you know it’s right. At that point don’t let anyone else dissuade you from what you know to be the truth. Sometimes it shows in choices you make, such as taking a different road home one night and finding your usual road had a huge accident. When you know, you know. How did you know about the road? We were telling you to go another way, and you didn’t hear us in words but you felt the message.

We want to reassure those of you that have the talent to channel that it’s safe for you to do when you specify only beings of light – and you’re not crazy. Find a way to practice, perhaps team up and channel for each other? It’s often easier to channel for someone else where you are less emotionally involved with the results.


From Candace

I channel a lot. I ask for ‘task management’ advice in the mornings so I’m efficient with my time. I watch ahead to see the weather so I can plan my days, and I listen. My best channelling comes when I say “Is there anything you want to tell me today?” Then I get the information I couldn’t make up for myself (another test to see if you’re channelling yourself or angels.)

Angels are loving, supportive and encouraging. Sometimes we get a few technical discussions going about what is possible in a given time-frame. They love email because it’s instant and when I have fast-tracked individuals on their behalf in the past they prefer the quickness of email, and the permanence of writing so people can reread their advice. Channelling angels through tarot is easy because the pictures do part of the work.

There have been moments of “I think I must be crazy” over the years, so I ask for a demonstration and then they produce a marvellous example of my interconnectedness with the universe and their presence in my life. If anyone reading this piece wants to learn to channel, find a way to practice this skill, and practice, practice, practice. It’s worth it. After you learn to channel angels and spirit guides you can move on the collective consciousnesses and individual members of the other beings sharing the planet with us. Talking to trees, etc. is done through the heart. There’s a universe full of life around us.

Creating your new lives

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

I wrote previously about using New Year’s resolutions in a positive way to focus on the changes you wish to bring into your life.  Change is an irresistible force, powerful and strong, and good for you. Is all change good for you? From my point of view it is, because I am the Archangel of Transformation, and changes flow through me. I’m like a pink windsock where change blows through me but never stays with me, and I am flowing with the strength of the wind.

I know that every one of you is different, with different responses to changes in your lives. But change has got a bad press lately, where if a change is made it is seen to be for the worst. It would be helpful to remember all the changes that have led to improvements for yourself and others, and consciously release your resistance to change.

How much personal energy does it take never to change? Do you have any idea of how hard all of you work to keep things the same in your lives and societies? This is the strongest force in the universe we’re talking about. Every time a change happens anywhere in the world you are all affected, and what happens here ripples out to the rest of creation. We feel your changes eventually way out here in the wholeness of space. Everything is interconnected and does not stand in isolation.

Change is flow. Candace’s favourite image of flow is people who are floating down a stream watching as the landscape changes around them and the sun shining through trees overhead. Some float effortlessly, and others are hanging onto the grass along the edges for dear life while the stream tugs at them. Never changing is like hanging onto the grass with all your strength; it takes that much effort. Float effortlessly or struggle to hang on? It’s safe to let go.

New Year’s Resolutions

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

What do you normally wish for when you form your New Year’s Resolutions? You wish for change to come into your life in one way or another. Change is the most abundant energy in the universe, the most constant, and the one no one escapes. When you begin to think about your New Year and the changes you wish in your lives you all focus on things you want to happen. Most people don’t choose a lot of bad things for themselves. We see this thoughtful process and we applaud you, this is exactly the way you change your lives for the better. You are aligning yourselves with the flow of energy that facilitates change, acknowledging it and willingly seeking to change your lives in a manner of your own choosing. That’s how the universe works with you to manifest change.

I am here at this time of your planet’s story to help all of you to change quickly. It is a hugely accelerating process, getting faster every day. That’s good. That’s what I’m about, and I can help you. Ask me, the Archangel Esmariel, for help to change your lives. The important thing here is to choose for yourselves some good things such as: happiness, love, joy, truth, enough money for your needs, enough work for your businesses, enough health for your families and friends. Concentrate on what you want, not what you are afraid of getting. You also need to allow space for the universe to give you good things, so don’t be too specific, i.e. only wishing for a pair of pink Ugg boots. That seems very little to us and we have so many gifts we want to give you.

What happens to those who only see a black future for themselves or their businesses? They get that future, of course. It may be hard to practice the discipline of thinking positive thoughts, but it is worth it. When you are seeing a black future or say you expect something will be dreadful please consciously cancel, cancel, cancel those thoughts. Then go on with your day and keep cancelling your negative thoughts. It’s the way the universe is set up to work. Those who say this doesn’t work are not in tune with the gifts of the universe and may be looking for concrete, material results. Your surest guideline is to ask for what is in line with your highest good.

Wish away, and if you feel that you missed the boat this year and did not wish on New Year’s Eve, what has that to do with anything? This is a daily exercise, and focusing on good things for yourself is a non-stop process.