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The Big Story: Spring 2011

by Candace Caddick

There has been only one topic of conversation outside in the natural world these last few months. The birds have been singing about it, the squirrels are chattering it, and the tree roots have been drumming it through the soil. How can we be the only ones who have no idea of what is coming? I had to ask my cat what was going on and get the blank incomprehension of “you don’t know? How can you not know what is going to happen? Pet me.” So what is going to happen? I ask. “It’s the end/beginning.”

Every spring the trees wake up and the flowers and plants rise out of the soil. The baby animals and insects are born and life takes a great leap from sleepiness to aliveness. So what’s so different this year?

This is the year, the first in many, many millennia that the Earth herself is waking up.* Think of it like this, we humans have been riding in an ocean on the back of a sleeping whale. The whale wakes up and takes off, choosing her own path and making her own decisions. We hang on for the ride and try not to fall off.

How embarrassing is it to need to have my cat explain this to me? We humans are so disconnected from the rest of life.

*Planets asleep covered in Planet Earth Today.

Current events in North Africa and the Middle East

Archangel of Hope and the Archangel of Transformation

How do you see the uprising of the citizens in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East? There are two things to notice here: first, how change works, how nothing in your world or the greater universe works in isolation. Second, how change is good and desirable in itself.  You have been witnessing normal energy flows in these last few weeks, where one event has triggered another. It would have been unlikely if the Tunisian uprising had occurred in isolation. Instead you have an outward flow so that these countries who share similar authoritarian dictatorships all feel the energy of change and that energy alters their countries.

These countries have been held in stasis for decades, with an unchanging ruler and unchanging political structures. Their economies are based on pumping and exporting oil, sold to the same clients who burn gasoline and petrol without changing their habits. When change blows through this oil region and changes the political structures it will change all of the people who are connected to these countries. Those countries consuming the most oil will be closely affected by their changes, but how will those changes manifest? Now is the time to stop thinking “Oh, no. Fuel prices will go up!” When did they ever really go down? You will not be burning oil forever as it is a finite resource. You have been pumping oil for around one hundred years and you’ve used up most of it now. So fast, it’s as if you were gorging on the planet’s oil. Change happens, and travelling and heating your homes with oil will end, not today but not so far off in time either. When these desert countries have pumped their last oil they will enter their next phase. It is because these uprisings are the beginning of the next phase (even if that is a few years away) that we are writing now; Hophriel, the Archangel of Hope and Esmariel the Archangel of Transformation. Their next phase will be different because they have changed their countries now.

Stagnation is the opposite of change, and energetically speaking it looks grey or black to us, the angels of light. We are all about flow and progress, about not hanging on. These citizens of North Africa and the Middle East bravely stirred up enough energy to change their countries, and crack monolithic, institutionalised stasis. So much energy has been used to maintain the status quo, and so many weapons. They weave together in a web of pain, and in these webs are fat spiders swollen with more money and goods than they can ever use. Throughout this spring there will be more change as one event inspires another and as change is one of the attributes of light and love, we write now in hope. Throw the chips up in the air and let them fall where they will, then do it again until everything is flowing, swirling and dancing.

Science and The Downfall of Atlantis

Archangel of Light

It was difficult in some ways to determine what to include in the book The Downfall of Atlantis and what to leave out. We wanted everyone to know about the soulless side of science, the side that has nothing to do with the highest good of the human race, but seeks instead to sink it into the mire. Science is a two-edged sword, on the one hand with genuinely good advancements in health (e.g. saving women’s lives in childbirth), and on the other creatively finding ways to enslave people to pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. anti-depressants) and manufacture new ways of mass murder. This comes down to each and every one of you using your own brains and hearts to decided what is right and wrong, or what deserves your support or censure and causes you to walk away. You always have choices.

In Atlantis, which was so scientifically advanced ahead of you that you resemble the stone ages, science was the religion of truth to be adhered to and celebrated in an unquestioned way. They accepted every “advance” as a positive step and lost their way forward to virtual extinction. These were human beings, the same as you are. They surrendered their discernment, they stopped questioning, they believed they had no right to find out the truth and ask what was being done inside locked buildings. All these things together combined to end Atlantis and cause the death of people exactly like yourselves.

I am the Archangel of Light, and the purest and highest form of light is love. If I can shine light into corners that are dark with slime and maggots, and direct the gaze of people such as yourselves to those same corners then you will know what your individual choices involve. You will know what you are choosing between. For this reason we wrote about the horrors of the Fourth Age of Atlantis. Otherwise we would have been happy enough never to think about the despair and horror of those days again. You stand at a fork in the road right now; you have the power to choose your pathway as individuals and as societies.

This is a time of flux with so many changes and so many possible outcomes. It is the time when the most unlikely result and future pathway could be the one that happens. There could be the outside chance of a beautiful utopian future filled with light, and there could be the opposite; a time of slavery and horror. It’s up to you and how you exercise your choices. I think you’d have more pleasure from the light-filled path. I wish love to you all.

Self-publishing “The Downfall of Atlantis”

I’ve been writing the book The Downfall of Atlantis (DA) with the Archangelic Collective for the past two years. It should never have taken two years to write, but it’s hard to find enough time to finish writing, then publishing it. This time I did not send the book to any publishers. There are very few that want channelled books, and once they have one author on their lists they tend to be satisfied with just having one. Having said that – this is an amazing book.

The last couple of months I’ve been perfecting the manuscript, working with the typesetter and the cover designer – the wonderful Sam Wall.  ( Not only do I love what she comes up with, but she is a pleasure to work with. But days go by, then weeks while decisions are being made and one thing waits for another. My printer, Lightning Source announced a sale in mid-January to last until the end of February and I would love to get the sale price on producing the book. Every penny matters to a micro-publisher. The finalised files are not ready and won’t be released until paid for, and then I have to upload to Lightning and wait for them to look at them. Then get the proof back and approve it. Maybe I can get in under the deadline. After it’s ready it will be available on Amazon and from me.

I think the angels are going to do a series of entries on the new book. (I don’t usually know what they want to write about until I sit down.) In the last two months my time has been spent on DA, and I know they want to keep saying new things to people; and spring in coming. Spring 2011 is going to be the first real spring in many, many years.  Anyone who allows free access to angels to write on their website knows how much they love to blog.

For me, self-publishing is a logical extension of writing. It’s not that hard to do if you have a laptop and time to read through sheaves of documents. Also it helps to have good friends, who read and comment on the book beforehand and help with copyediting. I’m looking forward to having it in print.

How cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis

Archangelic Collective

Two years ago we started a book The Downfall of Atlantis with this channel to discuss the impact of science on the advanced civilisations of Atlantis. We wrote about the horrors of cloning and how it degraded the human souls that performed the cloning operations, as well as the souls of those who chose to be cloned. This one strand of science was all it took to tip the balance of good/bad society into bad; bad for everyone, cloned or not. If you do not understand how cloning affects the soul of the animal or human that is cloned, you have no business playing with souls.

Those days ended in the most dramatic way possible, with great damage done to all life on this planet and the planet itself. A continent can not be removed without changing everything else, the shock of the removal was immense and the after effects are with you today. It was shocking, the planet was in shock, and all life was in shock, stunned by what had happened even if they lived on the far side of the globe. This changed the underlying temper of the game of life here, when the planet changed in such a dramatic and painful way, it affected everyone.

Cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis. Without cloning things would never have become so bad; your human soul would have made some progress instead of stagnating in nothingness. You became less than human and your actions were inhumane. Do you really want to start down this path again?