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Royal Wedding Observations

The night before the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William I woke up a few times to feel the energy building. It was noticeable as an increase in the overall energy, the same way the energy builds before teaching a Reiki class. This was going to be a real peak of energy for the wedding, which when you think about it is better than having no energy.

Kate had brought trees into Westminster Abbey (to replant after the wedding), the most beautiful church decorations I think I have ever seen. Seen with the greenery around the top of the choir screen it invoked the fairy woods of Britain. (If you’ve read my earlier articles you’ll know how important trees are to everyone.) Behind the Archbishop of Canterbury a single flame, large enough to fill the entire space below the tower flickered during the ceremony. Made out of the energy and the love of two happy people it rose through the church tower and broadcast straight out and over the land and the planet; an increase in the level of love and a gift to everything alive.

There was a complete sense of a new beginning yesterday, and the appropriate timing of this wedding in Spring 2011; a time of new beginnings for everyone. It may take decades for change to filter slowly through as they live their lives, but it will be change in the heart of ruling power in Britain.

Destination Bluebell

Winkworth Arboretum

Winkworth again

After writing the last article about bluebells I went back into the woods everyday in the nice weather to see what was happening, and the activity kept changing.  My main question was “why was there an elemental there as a tourist?” There had to be a reason. For us, to enjoy the outdoors and “fairyland” takes us out of our houses and re-acquaints us with the beauty of the natural world. What does an elemental get out of it?

The various woods I visited last week all had the dwarf-sized beings gathering energy from each flower. In the woods themselves if you listened you could hear the humming and harmonics made by the flowers, which was more noticeable than their evening scent. The sound goes around their bell-shaped flowers in a spiral and comes out of the end, and is what draws in the elemental visitors.

I could see a blue lens forming and sitting above the flowers, and the Earth shining through the lens. Blue light shone through, like a stained glass window with the sun behind it. She shines her light through the flowers to intensify the experience of their carpet of blooms, as a gift. Humming flowers, blue light, fragrance, spring green leaves, tree trunks and a blue carpet underneath everything: I find myself in such beauty that there is no other option but to stop and go no further.

Life is a journey and events and days add up and take you forward. A bluebell woods is a destination, its there to enjoy for a little while every spring, a place to stop and listen and be in the company of other happy beings. I went to Pookchurch Woods and said “Hi” to the workers in those bluebells, and “I get it, bluebells are the destination, not the journey!” There were various comments along the lines of “Yay! A human finally understands. That’s got to be a good thing.”

The flowers are starting to fade now, but there are still plenty here in my own garden and in the local parks and woods. When they finish the focus will shift to something else.

Life in the Bluebell Woods

Bluebells in spring sunshine


In my book The Downfall of Atlantis I wrote about the elementals and the spell they cast to be hidden from humans, and how one day it will be up to humanity to reverse this spell. As that veil lifts we will go back to the way it was before the spell was cast. Following the battle on Glastonbury Tor and the death of Arthur the world looked simplified and watered down; I’m not sure if I was able to get that across in writing. Watching young Ygraine find Merlin and set him free, she was able to do that because she could see more dimensions; she could see the dimensions of the elementals and her world was richer in texture.


This week we walked into a local bluebell wood to be there while the flowers are at their peak. Around the back of the wood there is a clearing with an oak tree surrounded by bluebells (pictures). There is a lot of elemental activity in that clearing, the continual movement of beings of all shapes and sizes.

I started with “I can see you.” Suddenly they all stopped and looked at me. I thought about how they ignore us as we always ignore them, except they can see us and we don’t see them. Then I explained that I was interested in what they were doing and that I wrote articles and could tell people about them. I was mobbed by elementals all talking at once; “one at a time, please!” Here are the elementals I met this morning and what they were busy doing in the glade. There were more present than I could talk to in one morning.

First we spoke to the dwarf-sized ones who were collecting from the flowers their energy or essence. They were going to take this essence further away and spread it so that next year there would be more bluebells in new places. First is the energy, then the physical manifestation of the energy, or as above, so below.

Next there was one the size of a large dog, which looked like a cross between a dragon and a llama. He had the eager nature of a puppy, “come and see what I’m making” and we had to accompany him to see what he was building. In a cave he was making the structures that would increase the water in that area, which is very dry this spring.

We spoke to a group the size of squirrels, with their quick movements. They sat on the lower branches of trees and maintained a force field over the area to keep the bluebell energy contained while it was being collected.

There were flying beings the size of owls that perched in the highest branches who helped the trees by taking off the leaf cases, helping the leaves unfurl and smoothing them out. When I’ve written about the elementals and the work they do, this is a small sample of how they help.

The smallest were the bluebell fairies, which were busy with flower maintenance. Imagine little beings polishing and repairing blossoms to keep them fresh as long as they can. Anyone who visits Chelsea Flower Show in May will have the chance to see flower fairies swarming over all the cut flowers in the large tents, keeping the flowers at their best. These fairies told us bluebell flowers were fairy horns, and proceeded to blow through them making noise, lying on their backs and throw them at each other while laughing. I got a real sense of their playfulness and why fairies are considered naughty at times. They reminded me of Tinkerbell and how many people have already encountered fairies and told us about them.

The largest elemental there was the size of an elephant with many legs, at least six plus a trunk that looked like it could double as a leg. The feet appeared to be sunk into the Earth as it moved about the clearing, and it was the only one not at work. When we were leaving it rolled on its back and waved its legs in the air; it was a fellow bluebell tourist.

The Green Man was the final one to come and talk to us. I’d met the Cornish Green Man in Cornwall one year and this one told us that there were many beings, but one voice. He looks like he has horns made of tree nibs or growth with joints that look like tree branches, and he has a tree-ish face. What he wanted to share was the look of the glade through his eyes. We could see a greenish-gold haze with energy flowing from the top to the bottom and back. It was greener, with more intense colours, and the trees and flowers were not solid as we see them. What we see is a watered-down static version without the flows of energy and movement of life. The bluebell energy is collected and distributed, and where the bluebell energy is spread more bluebells will grow next year. The blue haze on the ground and the green of the spring leaves is the closest we humans get to see the beauty of fairyland. We can see and appreciate the beauty of spring.

I wrote this and then keep visiting other bluebell woods in the area last week and the story just kept getting larger and larger. I will write more.

Bluebell woods

Transformation before ascension

Archangel Esmariel

Transformation is an irresistible force, and is another word for change and growth. All things change and grow, but they do not have preset directions. You may understand that the planet is on her way to ascension, and it is her intention to ascend at the right time.  There is no guarantee that this will happen. We wrote last week about becoming one with all life on this planet, and it includes having goals that are the same as other species and working together with them. As long as humanity is divorced from the rest of life there is doubt introduced regarding successful ascension.

There is an overwhelming majority of humans who don’t know or care if the planet ever ascends. A few care and work as torch-bearers leading the way for others to follow. What would humanity have to gain by joining in and working with the planet and the other life here? How about happiness for all, sense of purpose in being alive, integration and end of loneliness? Many would love to have this as their daily lives, but people really don’t know anything about any of this. You are starting your journey from down in a hole. You don’t know you could be one soul group together if you wished to be, or one with the other lives here, animal, plant, insect, etc. So we look and we see a writhing mess of unhappiness and loneliness. Many people just exist without any function besides eating, sleeping and staying alive.  Their lives are grey with unhappiness.

It’s a new spring with new opportunities, new growth and new life. This channel already knows how to be one with all life and this planet, and there are one or two others out there who also know how to do this. It’s possible to live like this now and not wait for some distant day. In fact we are really hoping some of you will take these steps now and change the overall energy of humanity. Transformation is my essence, it’s what I do and I work with all those who ask for my help. Don’t forget that I’m here; when you are ready to change you will be entering the flow of light.


It’s easiest to take on one outside consciousness at a time. You don’t need to be in a hurry.


P.S. This is the hard part about giving over my space to archangels for writing their messages. Am I supposed to say “I can help you do this?” then teach others how to become one with all of life, or just post what they write? (I asked them, and they said there are some out there that are ready to learn, so I guess this article is aimed at you.)

Avebury’s cosmic clock

The Spirit of spring and new life – the consciousness of spring

I can see a white woman with floating garments walking in the cool spring sunshine. She walks across the green grass at Avebury before the town was built in the centre. She tells me the following:

Avebury is a cosmic clock among other things. Every planet has its’ own “Avebury Circle”, its’ own clock. All of these clocks connect to each other, and all tell the exact same time. The time is universal time from the very beginning of the creation of this universe to the very end. It’s all pre-programmed, and the day the universe ends is the day all the clocks stop ticking. They have enough life force to go to that day and no farther.

Now think of the ticking in another way, as a heartbeat. All the planets sharing the same heartbeat; they are like individual cells in one body. And just as all your body’s cells know they are part of a whole and work together to keep you functioning, the planets know they are part of the greater planetary body. They might make up a foot, say, or the liver, of the greater universe. They know they are part of a greater whole.

The clock that ticks inside of the circle at Avebury, matching all other planetary clocks, has just sounded its alarm. This alarm was heard across the universe and told the other planets that all existence is entering a new phase. Everything you do has an affect on others, and everything this planet does effects others out to the farthest star. But here’s the thing, no one is greater than any other being. All affects all, and the size of the effect is not measured. You can only take your own actions in your life, and you are responsible for what you choose to do. Your actions affect others and alter all life as the reaction ripples away from Earth. You affect her with actions large and small, and she changes and affects others, in a chain reaction. This is why the universe watches to see what happens here, because her alarm has gone off and your new day is about to begin.