Royal Wedding Observations

The night before the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William I woke up a few times to feel the energy building. It was noticeable as an increase in the overall energy, the same way the energy builds before teaching a Reiki class. This was going to be a real peak of energy for the wedding, which when you think about it is better than having no energy.

Kate had brought trees into Westminster Abbey (to replant after the wedding), the most beautiful church decorations I think I have ever seen. Seen with the greenery around the top of the choir screen it invoked the fairy woods of Britain. (If you’ve read my earlier articles you’ll know how important trees are to everyone.) Behind the Archbishop of Canterbury a single flame, large enough to fill the entire space below the tower flickered during the ceremony. Made out of the energy and the love of two happy people it rose through the church tower and broadcast straight out and over the land and the planet; an increase in the level of love and a gift to everything alive.

There was a complete sense of a new beginning yesterday, and the appropriate timing of this wedding in Spring 2011; a time of new beginnings for everyone. It may take decades for change to filter slowly through as they live their lives, but it will be change in the heart of ruling power in Britain.