Sunlight and spring days

Archangel of light

It’s been sunny in the UK for a week! Its time to drop everything that keeps you indoors and get outside in the new world. You’re being given fine weather and a stunningly beautiful spring to leave your homes and offices and just spend time outside. It’s important to reacquaint yourselves with nature, and soak up the sunshine you need to heal and clean yourselves of the dark winter. Its like shaking off a dark, dank cloud.

Some people didn’t come outside in this fine weather. They are focussed on the trivial things they do that seem important, but are not as important as being outside. Others never even notice anymore what the weather is like as their minds wander in electronic entertainment pathways. You have so little sunlight in the UK that you adapt to the interior life, or half-life.

Those of you that spent a lot of time outside have by now:

1.       Raised their vibration more towards light

2.       Interacted with the living plants, birds, animals and insects by being among them, being part of the natural world and less of the solely human world

3.       Been balanced by the vibrations of the living trees and plants that you have passed by

One day in the not too far distant future you will be so in tune with your surroundings that you become one with all life on this planet. You will do it by being accepted by the consciousnesses of all life here, one by one. Then you will all go to light, ascending with a planet of light. Think of every day spent outside as a small step towards that day.