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Avebury healing visit

I had a quick run over to Avebury yesterday to meet some old and new friends and spend the day in the stone circle. When we arrived the inside of the circle was so busy! Not with people, the car park was empty. The circle itself is busy doing what it was set up to do. It’s most noticeable where there are the fewest gaps in the stones as a swaying, dancing energy moving to the drumbeat that coordinates the circle. Stop and listen to the underlying sound of the circle. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live inside Avebury now.

The day before I could see that my friends would make golden connections to the stones of the circle that would keep them in contact with Avebury even after they went away. I told the circle we were here for a visit and who we were. Immediately we were told to go to a certain place in the circle, and go there now! We went, of course, and standing in a group of five the energy poured up through our feet for a few minutes. First I could see that our internal structure was changing, becoming overlaid with straight lines like a skyscraper under construction. There are a lot of straight lines with minerals, and we’re fairly soft and curvy. The crystalline structure built through our bodies and altered us. Our energetic bodies now looked like mineral, one granite, yellow quartz, another was one of those sharp, pointy minerals, and myself quartz also. The last person became a large tree.  (There are some especially nice trees at Avebury also.) We spent the rest of the day as kin to the circle, with an unbreakable bond.

The circle of Avebury itself has a consciousness and a life of its own. (In fact so many more things have consciousnesses than you could imagine.) That consciousness assessed us as individuals and met our needs by strengthening us with mineral. From that point on I’ve been feeling very different, more than just stronger physically, but stronger mentally also, and balanced and peaceful. One of the nice things to take away from a day like that is the certainty that there is more love in the world than we ever seem to be able to notice on a daily basis.

The wind blew and it rained, but both were part of the gift of being able to go there and become part of something larger than ourselves.

Whales of Loch Carnan

We’ve all been worried about the sixty pilot whales in Loch Carnan, and were afraid that they intended to beach themselves and die. I thought I would ask the whale consciousness about what was happening and about the potential for all the whales to die up in the Hebrides.

The first problem was that I attached the emotion of sadness to the idea of whales dying. The whale consciousness just told me “It’s normal for whales to do this and die. Whales die.” (Unsaid was “why are you having trouble accepting that whales die?”) So I had to take on board once again, as I’ve been here before with other animals, that they are not emotional about death, their own or others. Death is normal and it happens to every living thing. Why be sad or afraid of dying?

I said that there were a lot of people aware that the whales might die, and that we were all sorry that it might happen because we loved whales. Into the conversation the light grew and spread, as the whale consciousness accepted the truth that some humans loved whales at the same time that others hunted them to extinction. We parted on friendly terms, but I knew that our conversation would have no bearing on the whales in Loch Carnan.  I read today they swam out, leaving one diseased, dead female whale behind.

When I wrote Extreme Weather by Archangel Uriel ( I could see that the whales were terribly important to the health of the ocean, but it was difficult to know how to phrase it while Uriel was dictating the piece.

Animals accept death without emotion, and we are saddened and frightened by it. Some believed that yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world and the Rapture was to take place at 6 p.m. worldwide in a rolling wave of devastation. Those heading for heaven would not die but take their physical bodies with them. How terrified of death are they?

How people help Avebury Circle with healing

Why go all the way to Avebury for Earth healing, when you can do a lot from your own home?

Avebury circle in 2011 is mostly an energetic presence.  In the past the energy of the circle was channelled through the physical stones into the Earth.  Those stones are still present in the higher dimensions, some now in the middle of the road or inside people’s houses. The remaining physical stones are present with gaps in between where stones were destroyed or moved.

As an energetic structure Avebury is missing its connection to the Earth. In the past it would have poured energy through the stones in the circle into the planet. Imagine Avebury producing energy, then trying to focus it through haziness into the planet. That’s what it is trying to do now.

Here’s where we come in; by standing ourselves in the larger stone circle and consciously allowing the energy to pour through us (physically replacing the missing stones) that energy will enter into the Earth. It’s waiting for us to come and do this, and that’s why I’m advertising a healing day on June 4th. ( By the time we’ve done the preliminary self-healing on the day we’ll be ready to help channel a fair amount of energy. Should be FUN!

Remember when you are in a group the healing expands exponentially. When two are together it’s like four were there, three people working together is like nine, four is like sixteen, five is like twenty-five, and so on. More people mean more gets done in a shorter time.

Everybody come!


Extreme Weather

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

You have probably noticed that some countries are experiencing extreme weather conditions, and tiny earth movements. These two things are not the same. We want to talk about heavy rain, high winds, and drought.

Heavy rain is a direct consequence of higher atmospheric levels of CO2 altering the balance between what is above, and what is below. Your air composition has changed; that has changed the oceans and the land (which is slower to change being more solid) is caught in between. You tend to notice what affects you personally, so if it only rained really hard over the oceans you would disregard it. The connection between the air and the ocean is fluid and active, with a constant exchange between them. CO2 is absorbed by the water, and water draws up into the sky. We see it as one large water-bearing body with more air at the top, and more water at the bottom. The air and sky are the watery part of your planet and the air part is above the land. You live on one of the water planets.

We wrote about the desertification of your vast oceans in Planet Earth Today, and you are altering the base of your water system. As the oceans absorb ever more CO2 and the coral reefs die and the dependant life dies in the oceans it results in stagnation. The vast shoals of fish that have been eaten used to stir the water adding energy to the base layer of water. The more energy, the more lively the environment and your planet was designed to have an energetic ocean with a wispier air layer. The air allowed the ocean to discharge some energy, but the ocean was energetically balanced. When you have a well-stirred pot in the kitchen there are no lumps or unstirred areas, and it doesn’t burn. The ocean was like that.

The air used to siphon up water to drop it on the land to water the green plants. There was balance, the bottom was stirred, and the top was calmer. The heavy-weight part of the system is no longer moving the way it was designed and like a spinning top that is wobbling the air is no longer acting as it used to. This is what the Earth looks like when stripped of the ability to balance herself.

The most useful place to direct your efforts at stabilising your weather are the oceans, and restoring the oceans to life. At an estimate I would say they are now eighty percent dead compared to their former selves. The steps to take involve hugely reducing fishing, carbon emissions, and sewage disposal. A complete about-turn on these practices will make a start, and trust the intelligence of those who are native to the oceans to look after it themselves.

Avebury Healing Day

Saturday June 4th from 11.00 until 5 p.m.

People that come to visit the stone circle at Avebury often see themselves as healers, yet they are the ones who go away healed.

The day will include learning how to use the circle for personal healing before joining with the stone circle itself to heal the planet.

As a clairaudient channel Candace will help participants understand how they have been helped individually by the stones.

£20 for the day, food not included

To participate please contact me on the contact page. More details on the calendar page.