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Holding an Earth Healing Circle

I’ve been holding an Earth Healing Circle at my house for some months along the lines of the Atlantean ones described in Planet Earth Today. (I have put an excerpt from the book on the Reiki page which describes how these circles were done in Atlantis.) When I attended The Reiki Association’s AGM in Birmingham this spring we also did Earth healing in the same way as an entire group. This was made easier as we were seated in a circle when we met.

The way I start these circles is to say aloud that we are now going to channel through healing energy (as not everyone who comes does Reiki, and may do another form of healing or none at all) for the Earth to use however she chooses. That’s it.  Then we open up and channel the energy through and we have a chat, keeping half an eye on how the energy is flowing. After a while, between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, we consciously finish and close the circle.  We all take a look to see what the Earth has done with the energy.

As a Reiki Master with years of experience I have often said “make space in your life every day for some Reiki.” It’s the way you benefit the most from Reiki, to use it on yourself and others regularly.  In these Earth healing circles I am saying the opposite; you don’t need to make a separate space for Reiki, that healing and living with the Earth can be part of your everyday life.  Healing can happen while you are having a chat, and enjoying the evening doesn’t stop you. We heal for a long time once we’ve started; we could not sit together in dark rooms, in silence, holding hands with new age music playing for this length of time. If you wait for mystical circumstances to be set up and push your healing into separate compartments do you heal as often?

At The Reiki Association weekend a large group met four times and held the energy for at least four or five hours. The Association did not ask for anything in return, but freely gifted their time and energy to the planet, while holding discussions. The weekend was called “Roots and Shoots” following on from last year’s “Seeds” and they are seeking to ‘grow’ a vibrant, strong association. At the end of the weekend there was the shape of a very large, golden oak tree in the middle of the room, an energetic skeleton of light on which they could now hang the physical structure of the Association. This was a gift back to The Reiki Association, freely given in return for their gift of healing. Working with the planet makes all our lives easier, acknowledging that we are in a two-way relationship with her opens up healthy lines of communication and oneness.

I can put up a page on my website ( that reports back from Earth healing circles, who you are, where you are, and anything interesting that’s happened. It is my particular interest, and I would like as many groups to form and do this as possible, and if it helps to list where you are and contact details then I would be happy to do that. You may have to form your own circle.

Enjoy yourselves!

An extract from this blog is in Touch Magazine, Summer 2011 (

Reiki Retreat South Wales 2011

In June my friend Gwen Robinson and I put on a second Reiki retreat in South Wales. There were a total of twelve this year in a smaller venue.

What goes on at a Reiki retreat? We plan for four sessions with two or three to a table. If you have four over four days you don’t have time to slide backwards, but keep moving forward healing whatever it is that is a problem for you. There is the benefit of being able to “sleep on it” in between sessions, and the dreams can be vivid and informative. You wake up knowing that you have another treatment coming, with more healing. On a table of three two people share treating while the third lies down, and your personal healing takes place while you are treating and being treated; it blends into a long treatment. Things begin to shift on a personal level.

On our retreat we had every afternoon free, so people grouped together and went out, or stayed in. Conversations happened, and because we had come together for the four-day Reiki share, the conversations were potent. You could hear something at the dinner table that would shine a light on your own process. Everyone was in the same boat, everyone has a part that can benefit by healing, and people were generous with their time and feedback for others. Healing in a group can be accelerated healing and there was space to be alone and think about everything that was coming up as a result of the treatments.

I believe that Reiki is enough to uncover and heal the hurts inside. At Gwen’s and my retreats healing takes place through just the Reiki, the conversations and “sleeping on it”, without recourse to teaching and guidance by either of us. Our role is to plan it and make the space so that the healing can take place.

Our next retreat will be in 2013.

Gwen at Druid's stone beach

Afternoon at the seaside

Inge in the Reiki space

swimming in the afternoons

Claire's spectacular dessert

Sarah in the beach cave

Setting the table

Bonfire on a summer's evening

Lead singer

Reiki time