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The Truth, as told by the Wolves

Wolf consciousness

Like a knife’s edge, wolves cut through fabrication.  Raw and untamed, they are the essence of life’s true nature, the full, complete and whole being that every species should be like.

After the trees said there was a queue of beings who wanted to be heard I took a look at it. It looks like a mob! My primary guides are letting them speak in an order that they approve. I think if you keep reading these blogs they should follow each other logically, leading all of us to a new understanding of our planet and the times we live in. When you have timeless guides they can look back and see how it all worked out down here, and put the blogs in the most useful order by content.

When I write that the wolf consciousness is talking, that means the soul of the wolf has divided itself into many wolf bodies, then those wolves are able to communicate with each other through that one soul. The reason that humans do not communicate this way is that we chose not to incorporate that into our experience of being human.

Our world is made of trees and wilderness and running under the moon below branches that are just the right height to dash beneath. Our days and nights are spent as part of a complex world, we are aware of all the living animals, the birds, the insects, the small mammals and the large that we can eat. We pick up information from the breeze about the coming weather and the locations of many, many life forms. Not just through our noses, through our fur and whiskers. The Earth whispers into our ears and is alive with her own consciousness, a being in herself. We feel the quality of the Earth beneath our paws, the temperature of the night, the health of that spot on the planet.

You share this planet with us, but you do not share this planet with us. The overwhelming majority of humanity is isolated in boxes with artificial air (ugh!), and you move from inside one box to the inside of another. Having isolated yourselves you lost your knowledge of us, all of us, and we are unknown to you now. Your dealings are within your species now and we do not interact with you on a personal level. The very few exceptions you allow in are house pets and farm animals. We salute all animals who sacrifice a natural life to live in your boxes and try to teach you and include you in the life of world. These animals are the only ones you are really familiar with and what do you find? You find love, personality, faithfulness, good humour and kindness, sweetness of temper, generosity and truth.

“The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm”. This is the channel’s favourite phrase, and we would like to talk about how we see it. We animals are all the things listed above because we are a reflection of the larger planet Earth. The planet we live on and are connected to has love, personality, faithfulness, good humour and kindness, sweetness of temper, generosity and truth. She is our partner in all things and she is our mother and home. You have all these qualities too as you reflect the planet that you live on. You are, in some ways, an extension of this planet. You hurt the planet, you hurt yourselves. Now for our question: Why do you let a tiny few hurt the planet when there are so many who do not wish it?

Why are the wolves saying this and not someone else?

Have you LOOKED at what is happening at Athabasca Falls in Alberta, Canada? Could any more damage be done to the Earth than the extraction of oil from tar sands? (President Obama this weekend approved the pipeline to bring the oil down to Texas.) It would be better to walk than to use oil that came from such a source. We sit in a ring around this area and howl our sorrow because what hurts the Earth hurts us. We can’t stop it.

A few years ago I looked for the connecting sites on the planet to make sure the connections were in good order before they were needed. Among the usual sites of Machu Pichu, Avebury, etc. was the large site of Athabasca Falls. Years later I read the National Geographic article on oil sands and saw the destruction.

From the trees point of view

Tree consciousness

Hooray! The trees have something to say again.

“Those of you who walk among us may have heard our singing this summer as we share our joy with the rest of the living world. We have waited and waited for these days, the heady days of preparation that come before the unifying of all life and souls, and the final ascension of Earth. It’s as if the previous millennia have just existed, colourless and flat, compared to what is happening now. We just call this the “the beginning days, or the preparation days”, as it all begins now. So what does that mean?

All of you who have chosen to be here; each has a role, you are each a piece of a great puzzle (3-D or 12-D depending on your perspective). And by you I mean all of life: animal, mineral, vegetable. Take one small house cat, that cat has her own role to play and has been doing her bit for everyone else every day of her life. Treasure your pets and plants, as all life matters (particularly insects!) When you look at people you abhor, who murder others and destroy whole villages and countries; they are playing their preconceived roles. Without these pieces the whole puzzle can not be completed. It’s how you react to other people and beings (like wasps) that is important. It’s equally important to the original action itself. Action and reaction; both carry the same weight. In England you can say “Terrible rioters, how could they behave like that!” and separate them out from yourself and place the weight of blame on them. You show your own limitations and inability to see that you are all one soul, as we trees are all one soul. At such times you decline to accept your own burden of weight, but the burden doesn’t go away. Other people’s actions and your reactions teach you about yourself.

We are pointing this out now so you will lessen your vibrations of hate and fear. Can you look at these you hate and see yourself in their eyes? Can you draw back your distaste and neutralise your feelings and stop projecting the vibration of hatred? We finally get to the front of the queue for the channel’s time and we end up talking about you people and your feelings. We do it because we can see and feel all that you project, we can see the results of the negative energy you surround yourselves in.

There exists the natural world, and those who visit the empty wild places have their souls restored for a time. Part of this is the sheer happiness we feel, and part of it is that you have come away from the dark, sludgy energy people overwhelmingly project. How about projecting less of it and living in a lighter, brighter environment? Now’s the time for this kind of change to take place.

You are at the beginning of the vast changes that will happen here, your world and societies will be turned upside down and inside out. The only thing you can count on is continual, relentless change. Your most pleasant route through all of this is to let go and flow with the energy. We may look like beings that change very little, but we transform yearly as we go through the seasons. It would be futile to try to hang onto our leaves at leaf-drop time. Remember this as these days get into full swing.”

Authors note: I didn’t know there was a queue!

Every time I speak to another form of consciousness I get the picture of me sitting in the front seat at the top of an enormous roller coaster while they say “hold on tight.” Today it looks like we’ve moved downhill a couple of inches.

Facilitating Change

Archangels Uriel and Michael

Archangel Uriel and Archangel Michael are both angels of the Earth. Michael’s role as the warrior and wielder of a flaming sword are secondary to his role as protector of the Earth. His involvement with the planet comes first; his way of protecting it is secondary. If you think of a ball with a sword stuck into it, or a circle with a cross coming out of the top you can feel Michael’s energy – solid and strong. Uriel, on the other hand, is a bit like energy weaving through the Earth and around it. She flows and is ethereal, and her energy permeates everywhere. Solidity and change are both necessary to help the Earth with these opposing aspects of her being.

“Greetings, beloved ones. When we look at humanity we now see many faces turned our way to learn from archangels and work along side us. Far more are not yet aware of us, and spend their days looking only at their day to day lives. The important thing is that the tide has turned and more and more people are aware that life is far bigger than the three dimensions you are used to living in. What a small space you have been content with over your lifetimes!

Your planet is heading into a period of rapid change, with the rate of change ever increasing. The Earth is initiating changes for herself. If you were walking down the road and decided to break into a run, it would be similar to what she is doing now. This is a good thing, as we have been writing that stagnancy is the opposite of love and light. You are living on a planet that is choosing to shift up a gear, what is that going to mean to humanity? Here’s what it will mean: lighter, more vibration of light, light expressed as love, and light expressed as joy and laughter. Light = love = joy = song = bliss. Do you want to live comfortably with the speed of change and the results of change? Look to the light yourself and follow her lead; remove the things from your life that are stagnant, fearful, and dark. The changes will come and you will live with them, but you can facilitate change yourself.

How does change come about? It happens through the change in one person at a time. You can only change inside, and your personal change alters the ideas you have and the things you say to others. This tickles them into change at their own speed and in their own direction. The changes you make today will be reflected in other lives tomorrow, and their lives will impact on an ever-widening circle.  These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

What’s important to you now? Is it important enough to alter the way you live your life? If the planet is important to you can you take personal action to support her in health? Others will see what you do and you will change them by your actions. Few of you will need to preach to others, as your actions will be more effective than hours of talking. You only need to live mindfully on your planet. These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

We remind you of this message because sometimes we see confusion, and people wondering how they can save the planet. Let your actions speak for you, and let your thoughts and energies combine to create real change (as written in the previous article) We acknowledge, and are grateful for, your help.”

The Spinning Planet

Archangels Melchizadek, Uriel and Esmariel

The Archangels have been excited about writing this article; they’ve been building up to it over time. It’s always about the energy, and energy is everything.

A new plan is being woven by the Earth; she weaves it out of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, colours and songs. She takes scraps from a rag-bag and picks the ones she wants to take forward and lets the others go, making a new physical planet out of the energy of what is available. This is where you come in as creators of the thoughts she can access. You are all powerful enough to think, and your thoughts float away from you and almost have a life of their own. They can combine with similar thoughts and create a great consensus and physical action. A good example of this is the American Revolution over two hundred years ago. Thought led to actions that changed the world for the better at that time.

Your thoughts spin away from you in threads and are picked up by the Earth – who can choose to weave them into her future and your future. She has a lot of black and grey to work with, and we would like to see a diversity of thoughts. Bright and happy thoughts carry a completely different vibration and colour and allow her to pull these into a brighter future. You’ve had a fear-filled start to this millennium where there have been wars and terrorism followed by economic insecurity. These events made it hard to be positive, we know. We want you to look at your own lives, are you hungry or homeless, or are you being fed and sheltered? Did all the bad things you fear come to pass? Starting with the computers ruining the world in the millennium bug scare, you’ve had one thing after another trotted out before you to make you worry and generate sad and fearful thoughts.

So today we want to mention some positive things for you to look forward to, so that you can think some happy thoughts and change your future for the better. The Earth is awake and preparing to resume her role as “mother” and take charge again.  (articles on Earth waking up see, There is nothing else that can have as big an effect on your lives as this. There are strong beginnings of renewal of two-way communication with her, with more and more respect for the planet and more healing groups. There is a groundswell of consensus to protect the planet, especially among younger people. There is acknowledgement of planetary support, planetary generosity and (incredibly after all this time) the dawning realisation that you need to care for her if you’re going to have anywhere to live. This is an about-face on old attitudes.

Once there were only a few torchbearers in Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, and now there are a great many that are changing their ways of looking at how they live. Clean air, clean water, clean soil are all moving up in people’s consciousness and attitudes are changing. We can see the change in energy from our perspective, and you are moving away from a position of uncaring. Concentrate on the good things that are happening and more will happen in your world that is light.  It’s time to be happy everyone.

Riots in England

Archangel Melchizadek

Rioting last week and a question was asked, “what is the energy behind the riots?” When things need to be shaken up, it has to start somewhere. In this case the greatest stagnancy is at the top of the pyramid of the English society, as it was only in England that the rioting happened, not the other states included in the UK. The energy at the top is to hold on – to everything. Hold on to power and possessions and don’t let any slip away to anyone else. The rigidity and tensions of holding on so hard are part of the current energetic picture. The top of the pyramid is almost rock-hard with tension and gripping onto everything.

Below the peak there is fluidity in the middle, where some rise and fall, but this is more about holding a variety of ideas in the middle, and acceptance that others are not wrong. Through acceptance of other viewpoints creativity rises and risks are taken, change happens more easily. Possessions do not possess their owners so tightly in the middle. Pink transformation energy swirls through this area, horizontally. The middle is the healthiest, on a strictly energetic level.

The lowest level of the pyramid is stratified into thin layers, and the energy that mixes here does so in layers no thicker than a pancake. This lack of vertical mixing has resulted in rigidity and stagnancy in the thin layers. The feeling of “us” inside those layers encompasses a very small group and movement out is almost non-existent. Too much energy goes into maintaining strict boundaries against outsiders.

Take the whole pyramid and apply the energy of change to the bottom (just like on a cooker) and it starts to simmer and boil, and the bubbles rise through those lowest levels and begin to mix them. Bubbles rise into the middle level where they pick up speed and continue to mix. They will begin to vibrate away at the rock-hard top as they come through the middle layer and shake it. Imagine a rigid pyramid top set onto a vibrating pile of jelly, in the end that top will slide off to one side and crash. There is nothing harder than trying to hang onto your possessions with bleeding fingers in a maelstrom of change. Change is stronger than anything else in the universe; no one is strong enough to hold on in the face of the whirlwind of change.

Change happens at the perfect time and the perfect speed. The riots you witnessed last week were a result of years and years of “heat” being applied to the bottom. What happens next? What happens when you boil water in a pan once you see those first simmering bubbles? As long as heat is applied the process continues. Your role in all of this is to let it blow through you and release any obstacles you have to change.