Changing times

Archangel Melchizadek

“We’ve been talking about the easy flow of energy from the very beginning it seems. We are angels of light and light flows without hindrance or impediment. You all want to “go with the flow” and make life easy for yourselves, don’t you? When you are stuck in the mud and can’t move forward, and see others walking easily and freely you want to get out and walk with them, not stand still trying to lift your feet.

What are the characteristics of being stuck? Depression and unhappiness are the biggest ones; frustration at never moving forward to achieve anything you wanted to achieve; loneliness as others walk by and follow their destinies. We see so many stuck people who are in the process of giving up on ever moving away from the mud. They can see no way out.

Why don’t they pick up their feet and struggle out? They don’t have to, as flow is available for even the stuck ones. All they need to do is decide and say “I’m done with this mud hole, I’m ready to start flowing”. Flow is about ease of movement, it’s not something you work to obtain or struggle to achieve. Flow is as simple as facing the light and moving towards it, there are no obstacles that are large enough to keep you from moving forward once you have chosen to do so. Flow of energy is freely available to all in this universe.

In our perspective we see flowing energy as light and stagnancy as dark. The heart of darkness, the thing that creates and hugs darkness close to us is fear.  Fear is usually created by outside events, like the economy or hatred being whipped up against others. It’s an example of choosing to live your life one way, fearfully, or another by releasing and trusting that there is ease and movement, and where everyone is looked after by being in the flow of light. There’s no special magic way to enter the flow, it happens because a person chooses to leave behind all their fears and step forward fearlessly. The whole point of flow is that it’s very, very easy.”

I wrote articles earlier by Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation that are relevant and helpful, and Also see her section on personal transformation in Planet Earth Today.