Facilitating Change

Archangels Uriel and Michael

Archangel Uriel and Archangel Michael are both angels of the Earth. Michael’s role as the warrior and wielder of a flaming sword are secondary to his role as protector of the Earth. His involvement with the planet comes first; his way of protecting it is secondary. If you think of a ball with a sword stuck into it, or a circle with a cross coming out of the top you can feel Michael’s energy – solid and strong. Uriel, on the other hand, is a bit like energy weaving through the Earth and around it. She flows and is ethereal, and her energy permeates everywhere. Solidity and change are both necessary to help the Earth with these opposing aspects of her being.

“Greetings, beloved ones. When we look at humanity we now see many faces turned our way to learn from archangels and work along side us. Far more are not yet aware of us, and spend their days looking only at their day to day lives. The important thing is that the tide has turned and more and more people are aware that life is far bigger than the three dimensions you are used to living in. What a small space you have been content with over your lifetimes!

Your planet is heading into a period of rapid change, with the rate of change ever increasing. The Earth is initiating changes for herself. If you were walking down the road and decided to break into a run, it would be similar to what she is doing now. This is a good thing, as we have been writing that stagnancy is the opposite of love and light. You are living on a planet that is choosing to shift up a gear, what is that going to mean to humanity? Here’s what it will mean: lighter, more vibration of light, light expressed as love, and light expressed as joy and laughter. Light = love = joy = song = bliss. Do you want to live comfortably with the speed of change and the results of change? Look to the light yourself and follow her lead; remove the things from your life that are stagnant, fearful, and dark. The changes will come and you will live with them, but you can facilitate change yourself.

How does change come about? It happens through the change in one person at a time. You can only change inside, and your personal change alters the ideas you have and the things you say to others. This tickles them into change at their own speed and in their own direction. The changes you make today will be reflected in other lives tomorrow, and their lives will impact on an ever-widening circle.  These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

What’s important to you now? Is it important enough to alter the way you live your life? If the planet is important to you can you take personal action to support her in health? Others will see what you do and you will change them by your actions. Few of you will need to preach to others, as your actions will be more effective than hours of talking. You only need to live mindfully on your planet. These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

We remind you of this message because sometimes we see confusion, and people wondering how they can save the planet. Let your actions speak for you, and let your thoughts and energies combine to create real change (as written in the previous article) http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/08/the-spinning-planet/. We acknowledge, and are grateful for, your help.”