Riots in England

Archangel Melchizadek

Rioting last week and a question was asked, “what is the energy behind the riots?” When things need to be shaken up, it has to start somewhere. In this case the greatest stagnancy is at the top of the pyramid of the English society, as it was only in England that the rioting happened, not the other states included in the UK. The energy at the top is to hold on – to everything. Hold on to power and possessions and don’t let any slip away to anyone else. The rigidity and tensions of holding on so hard are part of the current energetic picture. The top of the pyramid is almost rock-hard with tension and gripping onto everything.

Below the peak there is fluidity in the middle, where some rise and fall, but this is more about holding a variety of ideas in the middle, and acceptance that others are not wrong. Through acceptance of other viewpoints creativity rises and risks are taken, change happens more easily. Possessions do not possess their owners so tightly in the middle. Pink transformation energy swirls through this area, horizontally. The middle is the healthiest, on a strictly energetic level.

The lowest level of the pyramid is stratified into thin layers, and the energy that mixes here does so in layers no thicker than a pancake. This lack of vertical mixing has resulted in rigidity and stagnancy in the thin layers. The feeling of “us” inside those layers encompasses a very small group and movement out is almost non-existent. Too much energy goes into maintaining strict boundaries against outsiders.

Take the whole pyramid and apply the energy of change to the bottom (just like on a cooker) and it starts to simmer and boil, and the bubbles rise through those lowest levels and begin to mix them. Bubbles rise into the middle level where they pick up speed and continue to mix. They will begin to vibrate away at the rock-hard top as they come through the middle layer and shake it. Imagine a rigid pyramid top set onto a vibrating pile of jelly, in the end that top will slide off to one side and crash. There is nothing harder than trying to hang onto your possessions with bleeding fingers in a maelstrom of change. Change is stronger than anything else in the universe; no one is strong enough to hold on in the face of the whirlwind of change.

Change happens at the perfect time and the perfect speed. The riots you witnessed last week were a result of years and years of “heat” being applied to the bottom. What happens next? What happens when you boil water in a pan once you see those first simmering bubbles? As long as heat is applied the process continues. Your role in all of this is to let it blow through you and release any obstacles you have to change.