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Do you feel lucky?

My daughter has a friend who is a musician/gardener and tends to work when he wants the money. As soon as he decides to earn some money the phone rings and people offer him work, sometimes when he’s looking for one job he’s offered two, or the newspaper advertises the job that would be perfect for him the next day. I know him as a very chilled guy, who really doesn’t worry about what is going to happen next year. “I expect everything will work out” is his philosophy.

I looked at the energy around anxiety, worry and fear. Most of us have jagged, spiky energy surrounding us like a barrier, and when the gifts of the universe come rolling in to be deposited in our laps those lovely smooth waves hit our spiky barriers and the gift is shredded. If we were tropical islands with smooth sandy beaches, it’s like we’ve all put up sharp coral reefs, and when the waves hit they are churned up. Or I buy you a beautiful birthday card and it falls in the shredder before you get to look at it, and you are handed the pieces. Or – you expect everything will be fine and the waves deliver the abundance of the universe to you.

I’m pretty sure you can dissolve your barriers in a heartbeat. But if it is more a work in progress for you then dissolving them bit by bit will have to do. Mikao Usui gave us the Reiki precept of “Just for today do not worry.”  It’s a good place to begin, along with “I expect everything will work out fine.”

Canada the exquisite

Bear consciousness

I am the symbol of Canada, the bear of the mountains and forest, meadows and rivers; of endless summer nights and the long, cold winter sleep. I am a spirit bear in the winter, a shamanic traveller and warrior, and when my body awakes in the spring I return to it.  It is a special gift to be able to spend so much time in the other world without having to wake. Part of my pleasure in the summer is knowing that the winter will be so exciting.

Canada is a special place, different from Russia and Scandinavia because this continent has been separated for a long time from the others. We have grown into a different purpose, just as your elbow is different from your liver. Canada holds the purest energy, a reservoir of the original energy of the Earth before it was spoiled. It’s a place where the bear and wolf live, patrolling and protecting the purity of the energy here. Pure energy is something worth protecting; it’s like the garden before the fall. It is a vibrant, healthy land teeming with life, and we love it with all our hearts.

The great wound of the tar sand works at Athabasca River is a wound of size and magnitude to grieve and concern us residents. This wound is more than what you see with your eyes, it is a poison wound affecting all of this country. It ripples away from Athabasca and blankets all the lower part of the country in smog, leaving only the most Arctic areas clean.  This comes down to actually caring for the planet, caring enough to act in whatever way will be helpful. Refuse to buy the oil! Walk or bicycle, and ask where the oil came from for your cars. The poison that spreads across Canada is a killing energy; first you have the energy, and then you have the results in the physical world. It’s always about the energy.

If you google the pictures of the tar sand fields you will see what is going on in Canada.