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Pathway into the Light

Archangel Melchizadek

We gave the channel this card, The Tower, because we wanted to show her a stone pathway into a gateway of light. This card illustrates what is happening for humanity right now.

There was a time when you were all standing around on a moving walkway made of life and time with your eyes closed, and the walkway was barely moving forward. That’s changed, and your walkway is moving again in a forward direction toward a gateway of light. You are all on the walkway, and many of you still have your eyes shut and are not taking in any of their surroundings. These are the ones that snigger when someone mentions 2012 or other coming events. There are also an increasing number of people who are opening their eyes and beginning to look excited when they realise humanity is moving forward together to something new.

The walkway is moving towards a gateway of light, and it looks like it will enter it soon, perhaps in January 2012? The beginning date is 11.11.11, which is when you put your hand on the doorknob and start to turn it. Then follows a little time when the gate begins to swing open and you start to get a feeling of what is on the other side. What is on the other side is the New Earth, an Earth of light, with light rising from her surface and health in her being. If you were a child you might see it as Candy Land or Willie Wonka’s factory, and with that level of excitement. What’s the adult equivalent of that?

While this is happening and we are exploring with wonder our new Earth, what are the sleepers doing? This was described to perfection by C S Lewis in The Last Battle, where the black dwarfs sit inside a smelly animal shed insisting there is nothing outside the doorway. Meanwhile everyone else is outside, entranced by the beauty of their surroundings. Even when the shed walls vanish the dwarfs insist there is nothing there. Some of these people will look up and see the new world around them, and others never will. In the end you have to walk away and leave them. The important thing is that it doesn’t matter whether they see it this time around or not.

The opening of the latch on 11.11.11 is the beginning, followed by the growth of 2012. Walk with your eyes open taking delight in all you experience.


Who is Comet Elenin?


The Moon

Hanson-Roberts Moon Tarot Card

Written with the help of Elenin.

Last week I was walking up to my front door at night and I thought “Where is the nearest planet to Earth?” (Not the kind of thing I usually think!) I could feel I was standing inside the energy of the nearest planet; it was on top of me and all around me. The next day I read that it was the closest point of the comet Elenin’s approach to Earth. Who is Elenin?

Elenin is a cosmic rover, a free soul who flows between the stars and planets of your galaxy. When she moves out of your sight you lose track of her, but she continues on her journeys. In the beginning she was a planet like any other, part of the soul group that lives out their lives as homes for other species and hosts their games of self-discovery. She performed this role many times until there was nothing more she could learn herself by being a host. After some thought, she decided to play a supporting role to her sister planets. Think of her as an elder sister, who is wise, old and loving. Energetically she looks like a large being that carries before her a cocktail stick or toothpick with a tiny pea stuck on the end. The pea is her physical presence as the comet travelling in our galaxy. She is currently sitting across the orbits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth, and stops short of reaching Mars. Set a pea next to a melon and you get an idea of the small size of Earth in comparison to her. (The beginning section of Planet Earth Today is about the planetary soul group and their role in our universe. I will not be repeating that material in articles as it’s been written down already.)

Comets are able to travel from one solar system to another as they are not in fixed orbits. Elenin brings with her the news of the universe that she gathers as she visits her siblings, and brings love and comfort to those in fixed orbits. If you listen you can hear a deep and serious conversation taking place between them. It’s as if a visitor has arrived at the sickbed of an elderly aunt and taken her hand. “Hi, how are you? Tell me what’s been going on. Let me bring you the news of the family and outer universe.” Elenin’s visit to Earth looks to me like two flints striking together and producing sparks; Earth will feel her spirits pick up because of the love of her visitor, as would any sick human’s spirit become more cheerful with help and encouragement. (Our beautiful planet should look like a planet in the prime of life, not a sick, elderly aunt!)

Earth has held her form for us for a long time (we are not very fast learners), and is ready to stretch and change shape. Elenin’s message to her is to “hang on, it won’t be much longer.”* She will remain near Earth for another human year or so before moving on again.

*Human years and planet years are not the same. We don’t know how long humanity will be here.


winter sunset

The angels have been tugging at my attention about the coming winter.

“You humans, you still don’t get it.” Autumn is a quiet time of year, a time to go for walks in the leaves with family and hear the hush of the woodlands. Winter is a time to retreat inside and light candles and burn fires, and reconnect with each other. It’s a time of rest when the Earth is under snow, and a time of frivolity because there is more free time indoors. It’s about telling stories and singing together, and being aware of the energy. Those parties full of recorded music where no one knows why they are together are not the same. Music and TV as background noise are also missing the point; this is about being mindful of the season, and the cycles of life on the planet.

In the UK we tend to push on and muddle through, and pretend the seasons won’t interfere with our plans. We went out in the midday sun in the tropics in the days of the British Empire and we’re struggling to get to work now in the snow. What I’m hearing is that they are prepared to keep sending us snowy winters until we begin to comprehend and live mindfully with the seasons.

The Golden City of Atlantis – Under London?

The Downfall of Atlantis

How many of you have travelled by train out of London and been depressed by the sheer dreariness of it all?  Look closely at what lies beneath the layers of modern city and you will see a golden city shining through.

The Guardian of London

“I am the guardian of London, a city ancient beyond your wildest imaginings. Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fruitful island, which was a distant part of an archipelago. Britain was considered a backwater of the sophisticated Atlantean system, an island of orchards and farmland. Comparatively rustic and rainy, it served as a supplier of food to the larger islands where the central cities were situated. It was lightly populated and, like Ireland, did not vanish with the rest of Atlantis. Why not? These two northern islands were not part of the cloning disasters and civil wars that tore the Atlantean civilisation apart. (Please see “The Downfall of Atlantis” for whole chapters on that sad story.)

The Golden City of Atlantis was the local capital and beautiful as all Atlantean cities were beautiful, with streams of running water in verdant gardens and white buildings of smooth stone. The light of universal energy is golden, and the location of this city on this remote island served to connect it to the Earth below and outward to the heavens. This was a special place, a transmitter to the universe of the voice of the Earth. The city was shaped with lower lying buildings on the outward edges building to a single, high pyramid of slender dimensions in the middle. This wasn’t a pyramid for grounding the energy of the universe, it was one for transmitting. The vast, sprawling city of London, England today sits on the site of the Golden City.

Why did no one know about London and why are we bringing through this information now? Times are changing so rapidly, and your rollercoaster ride has begun. By giving you this information now and bringing it from the misty past into your present consciousness we give you the power to uncover the city and make it ready for resuming its original function. It’s tied in with the great stone circles in Britain and Ireland, and will transmit because they are providing the energy. The city as it stands will begin to transmit broken signals. But the information it will transmit is stronger than your depressing buildings. This message is about letting go and allowing flow to take place, not trying to rebuild the present but looking for the next form of city. You can not stop the voice of the Earth being heard again in the heavens.

The events that are so close to you now include restarting the Earth’s engine and pumping her energy along the ley lines, followed by her shaking herself off like a wet dog. Yes, that vigorously. Don’t be frightened; be happy to be part of a return to the light, to wholeness and health. Give up attachment to temporary possessions, and remember that you are a soul with a physical body. Your soul is safe whether the body is dead or alive. And as spring follows winter, life follows death and the new life is lived on a planet of health and plenty. The good times will have returned and you will be a part of them.  (Pyramids, Earth’s engine, ley lines and stone circles are covered in “The Downfall of Atlantis”.)

The resumption of service to the stars will stress your current city, but it is the correct location for this transmitter city. The transmission is made up of an energetic blend of Earth and humanity and in the past this was understood. The benefits of living in the flow of universal energy were known to be so desirable that the people were devoted to maintaining the structure and forms necessary. This is why this island was not destroyed with the others, and why the cloning and civil wars never took hold. Those great evils were unable to get a foothold in Britain.


I have had a number of emails forwarded to me about 11.11.11, so I asked to be shown what the significance of the date was for the planet and humanity.

Elohim collective

“We wish to point out that the date 11.11.11 is of significance to both the planet and humanity. For a tiny window of time, the 11th minute of the 11th hour on 11.11.11, no matter what your time zone, you will be aligned with truth and light. As your planet rotates you will find yourself in a cylinder of clarity with a direct view to the Source of all light. Imagine a series of lenses fanned out, and you gather them back together and line them up in a stack. You would have a tube of lenses. Click, click, click go the wheels of time slotting together, and for one brief moment you can look to the Source and have nothing in your way.

To take advantage of this special alignment sit yourselves down in a meditative space and clear away distractions. As the moment of clarity, truth, love and light focuses on your time zone you will see – what? The truth. Write down your experience and consider it carefully, for it is unique to yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to look into the eye of God and have your experience of clarity.

For those of you who forget or don’t stop for a moment to focus, calm yourself and experience this; it will pass you by. 11.11.11 is a significant day because it will help set some people up for taking their next steps. It is a pre-designated and designed date for the light to activate the hearts of those who come to the light and make the effort. God be with you, literally.”

Being a person full of questions I asked what about people with other systems or calendars, because 2011 is a Western method of counting years. They said “Where do you think your system came from?” Also those of us who are accustomed to taking a moments silence at that exact time and date for Armistice Day can allow the light in at the same time.