I have had a number of emails forwarded to me about 11.11.11, so I asked to be shown what the significance of the date was for the planet and humanity.

Elohim collective

“We wish to point out that the date 11.11.11 is of significance to both the planet and humanity. For a tiny window of time, the 11th minute of the 11th hour on 11.11.11, no matter what your time zone, you will be aligned with truth and light. As your planet rotates you will find yourself in a cylinder of clarity with a direct view to the Source of all light. Imagine a series of lenses fanned out, and you gather them back together and line them up in a stack. You would have a tube of lenses. Click, click, click go the wheels of time slotting together, and for one brief moment you can look to the Source and have nothing in your way.

To take advantage of this special alignment sit yourselves down in a meditative space and clear away distractions. As the moment of clarity, truth, love and light focuses on your time zone you will see – what? The truth. Write down your experience and consider it carefully, for it is unique to yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to look into the eye of God and have your experience of clarity.

For those of you who forget or don’t stop for a moment to focus, calm yourself and experience this; it will pass you by. 11.11.11 is a significant day because it will help set some people up for taking their next steps. It is a pre-designated and designed date for the light to activate the hearts of those who come to the light and make the effort. God be with you, literally.”

Being a person full of questions I asked what about people with other systems or calendars, because 2011 is a Western method of counting years. They said “Where do you think your system came from?” Also those of us who are accustomed to taking a moments silence at that exact time and date for Armistice Day can allow the light in at the same time.

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