winter sunset

The angels have been tugging at my attention about the coming winter.

“You humans, you still don’t get it.” Autumn is a quiet time of year, a time to go for walks in the leaves with family and hear the hush of the woodlands. Winter is a time to retreat inside and light candles and burn fires, and reconnect with each other. It’s a time of rest when the Earth is under snow, and a time of frivolity because there is more free time indoors. It’s about telling stories and singing together, and being aware of the energy. Those parties full of recorded music where no one knows why they are together are not the same. Music and TV as background noise are also missing the point; this is about being mindful of the season, and the cycles of life on the planet.

In the UK we tend to push on and muddle through, and pretend the seasons won’t interfere with our plans. We went out in the midday sun in the tropics in the days of the British Empire and we’re struggling to get to work now in the snow. What I’m hearing is that they are prepared to keep sending us snowy winters until we begin to comprehend and live mindfully with the seasons.