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Follow on from 11.11.11 part two

Around my house we’ve been doing a lot of healing in the last two weeks after the 11.11.11 experience. One of the things we found during these sessions is that we as humans, have some of our important pieces missing. We could see humanity queuing to enter life on Earth, like it was the most amazing theme park full of rides, and the price of admission was that we handed over our hearts.  One after another we handed over our hearts to something that looked black on the inside even if his face was fair, and the hearts were put into storage. We found the place where the hearts are kept, dusty but whole, shelf after shelf of them towering above us into the night sky. We could see the stars where the roof was missing. We found our shelves and there was more there than just hearts, there were eyes and ears and other dusty pieces. I came away with a white dove that nestled into the place where my higher heart chakra is, and there she sits as a permanent connection between me and Spirit. (I got my heart back five years ago.) Another found her power source, and reinstated that in her abdomen. We went back after a week, and I found my eyes and small bones of my right hand, while another found her heart. We may go back when we have assimilated our changes, as our shelves were not empty.

Why would anyone one agree to leave their heart behind when incarnating? In our world, this cruel world, those who can feel, and have warm hearts run the great risk of having them trampled through carelessness or spite. This is not a safe world for hearts. Would we still have left them if we had seen through the disguise of the ticket seller? I don’t know. I have my eyes back now, and sight comes with looking carefully and thoughtfully at the world around me. I’m not suddenly seeing lots of everything. What was it like to have a crippled right hand? It would have made it hard to carry and hold any kind of load.

It was important when we left the tower last time to make sure the tower was guarded to keep the hearts safe. Maybe you’d like to collect yours now, and maybe you’re prepared to wait until the next time you approach the entrance to the theme park and ask for your heart back. You don’t have to pay admission to incarnate here.  Incarnating here without a heart changes the way we relate to each other and the kind of world we live in.

Whenever a soul incarnates here the Earth’s societies have slightly changed from the last time. Maybe people will start to incarnate with their hearts again, maybe it won’t look so risky and dangerous. You have to be strong enough to protect it when you bring it down here. When people (and I’m thinking of vast numbers of politicians here) try to get you to believe they have hearts and all they want is what is good for you, it’s probably not true.

Everyday Magic

Hanson Roberts "The Magician"

 Speaker identified as “the essence of magic.”

“I am the Magician and you are the magician. This is the magic card of alchemy and transmutation; real alchemy where one substance is transmuted into another. Today we are talking about the alchemy of the coming year, 2012 which began on 1.11.11. This is also about “no limits”, about infinity of possibilities and this is where everyone is missing the point. There are an infinite number of possibilities for each and everyone; humanity, the planet Earth, all life, God. Can you shake off your crust of sameness, of expectations that everything must go on the way it’s always been?  The future is blank and you fill it in with the same old stuff. Can you allow yourself, permit yourself to paint your future exactly as you want it to look and walk into happiness? The time is now, it is always now and the future is always blank and available to be whatever you want it to be.”

I drew seven cards for myself during the October Reiki Gathering at Buckland Hall (open to all of those who practice Reiki). This card waited until today to finish the reading, the day of the eclipse in Sagittarius. The Bowman follows his path as straight as an arrow, and the energy for me is about going straight towards my own future now. It’s time to sit quietly and create a life I love to live. 

Follow up from 11.11.11

Archangel of Light

Some of you experienced God on 11.11.11, and some of you didn’t. God was present in the opening in the centre of the universe where he peeked in and looked at all of you, all of life, all of Creation. Some of you remembered how much you are loved, and that your ability to feel and remember Divine love is hampered and limited by your human bodies. That is part of the parameters of your existence here.

Love is the great current of flow in all universes, and where fears hold you back you experience very little movement. Frozen in your tracks like a rabbit in a car’s headlight you wait for that which you are afraid of to smack into you. As light is about movement and flow, darkness is about fear and stagnation, and it’s time to release your fears and enter the river of light. When that happens you will find things begin to happen quickly for you, with each event moving you forward and edging you into the flow of life. When I see someone in the flow I see a happy person bobbing from day to day without fear or worry as all they need floats within reach. They put out their hands and take hold of everything that comes to them. Only the items that are useful and beneficial come into their grasp, the hurtful ones are in someone else’s river. Life was meant to be this way.

What are you afraid of? If you are a healer of some description, can you run the healing energy through for yourself while you sit and think about “what am I afraid of?” “I’m afraid that if I ____, something bad will happen to me.” What it is holding you frozen like the frightened rabbit? Now I, the angel of light, offer a gift to those of you who sit down to do this and ask me for help: I will help. Stay out of your heads, focus on your hearts and ask for help getting to the bottom of your fears, and how you can let them go. This is not time to reason it all out, but to feel it out. I can help you see where these fears came from, and how they are grounded in falsehood. You can stop carrying them and let them drop off. Fear is the most limiting.

Ask me, I promise you my help.

11.11.11 – What I experienced

I wrote an article last week ( about sitting down and noticing what happened when everything clicked into place and the light came through at 11:11 on 11.11.11. I felt that we would see “the Truth” in the light and it would be personal.

Here’s my experience this morning. I could see the light beginning to shine from one opening in the universe, which was quite clearly a peep hole to our Creator; a sparkly pink and gold light began to streaming in. I could hear a lot of angels singing along the edges of this light as they participated in the event. The laughter of God was present and I felt so much love and joy as I heard “You are loved beyond comprehension, and cared for without any limits.”  I was filled with light until I was transparent and the light flowed out of me. Looking for the truth of who I am I could see a large being of light wearing our galaxy like a tutu, and thought of all the things I’m afraid of – why am I afraid? I turned to face our Creator and my energy flowed into him and his energy flowed back into me until I was renewed. He turned me around to face a  universe bathed in light and said “My universe, my games, my rules.” I got the feeling he preferred joy to misery. His hand came through the hole he made and he began to scoop and pull the contents of the universe back towards himself like a hand in a paper bag. (If you think the universe is big, you should see God!)

What were my truths?

  1. I can move on from being small and be who I am.
  2. I don’t have to worry
  3. I am a representative of our Creator in the universe. Everything in this universe IS God.

We took a look around at some things while feeling so big with a clearer view. We could see five giant souls of light incarnate on the planet (imagine Jesus, Budda, etc. all incarnate at once.) These largest souls are clearly visible from space and anchor light onto Earth. Unlike previous times when large incarnate souls moved around and taught others, these large souls are staying still and simply anchoring light. There are also lots and lots and lots of souls the next size down living here anchoring light or holding light onto the Earth so it doesn’t pass us by.  In the entire history of our planet there have never been so many souls incarnate here at once that are able to anchor light in this way. This is a remarkable change from who is usually living here. Out of seven billion people most look like pebbles on a beach with a LOT of very large gem stones scattered among them, and these are the ones here now to anchor light.

What did you experience?

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today Front Cover

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