11.11.11 – What I experienced

I wrote an article last week (www.candacecaddick.com/2011/10/11-11-11/) about sitting down and noticing what happened when everything clicked into place and the light came through at 11:11 on 11.11.11. I felt that we would see “the Truth” in the light and it would be personal.

Here’s my experience this morning. I could see the light beginning to shine from one opening in the universe, which was quite clearly a peep hole to our Creator; a sparkly pink and gold light began to streaming in. I could hear a lot of angels singing along the edges of this light as they participated in the event. The laughter of God was present and I felt so much love and joy as I heard “You are loved beyond comprehension, and cared for without any limits.”  I was filled with light until I was transparent and the light flowed out of me. Looking for the truth of who I am I could see a large being of light wearing our galaxy like a tutu, and thought of all the things I’m afraid of – why am I afraid? I turned to face our Creator and my energy flowed into him and his energy flowed back into me until I was renewed. He turned me around to face a  universe bathed in light and said “My universe, my games, my rules.” I got the feeling he preferred joy to misery. His hand came through the hole he made and he began to scoop and pull the contents of the universe back towards himself like a hand in a paper bag. (If you think the universe is big, you should see God!)

What were my truths?

  1. I can move on from being small and be who I am.
  2. I don’t have to worry
  3. I am a representative of our Creator in the universe. Everything in this universe IS God.

We took a look around at some things while feeling so big with a clearer view. We could see five giant souls of light incarnate on the planet (imagine Jesus, Budda, etc. all incarnate at once.) These largest souls are clearly visible from space and anchor light onto Earth. Unlike previous times when large incarnate souls moved around and taught others, these large souls are staying still and simply anchoring light. There are also lots and lots and lots of souls the next size down living here anchoring light or holding light onto the Earth so it doesn’t pass us by.  In the entire history of our planet there have never been so many souls incarnate here at once that are able to anchor light in this way. This is a remarkable change from who is usually living here. Out of seven billion people most look like pebbles on a beach with a LOT of very large gem stones scattered among them, and these are the ones here now to anchor light.

What did you experience?

2 thoughts on “11.11.11 – What I experienced

  1. candace Post author

    Yes, it was the love pouring through; love changing everything it touched as it softened and opened hearts. Love beyond comprehension. It sounds like you made the most of the day’s gifts, and you had lots of good things planned. It felt like the beginning of the new year, and the newness is only going to accelerate.

  2. Karen Tlusty-Rissman

    I spent as much time as I could meditating, listening. During my early morning meditation I connected with a grand oak tree I visited on Mabon (Fall Equinox.) It was definitely calling me so I left for work early enough to stop by for a visit. I was there at 10:11 am, sitting at the base of the oak. I felt the new chakra opening and anchoring through me. It was quite lovely. The woods were very still. I played my flute until my fingers got too cold. Later in the day John and I did a walking and silent meditation with a group at the yoga center. We finished the day listening to the Children of the Sun meditation initiating the 5th dimension through the stargate ascension.

    The following day was even more amazing. I lead a group meditation as part of a workshop for 3rd eye activation a friend of mine was giving. In the meditation, we let our consciousness join with the heart of Mother Earth. We experienced our planet selves with enormous amounts of love for all of the life on this planet. As we returned to our bodies, we connected with the heart of the universe, feeling the love flowing from this source as well as from Mother Earth. What was so surprising is that the love flowing from the heart of the universe was so huge – literally bathing the entire planet in light. I’ve never experienced this much love flowing from above. I was in awe.

    During both days, I felt a lightness of being like I have never experienced before – I felt as if I could float above the ground and half expected to see others floating as well. There was so much joy and happiness. And it’s only going to get better!

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