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The Last Few Quiet Days of 2011

Roller Coaster

First Elohim

It’s now the final days of 2011, which has been the year of preparation. The stones at Avebury have been preparing, the trees have been preparing, and the Earth has been gathering information and taking stock of her situation. This new year the energy will alter as the numerals alter, as a year end always alters the energy. There is energy in numbers themselves.

I am First Elohim, and I and my other Elohim stand ready to act on behalf of Earth and the rest of the Universe during the 2012 wave of energy. Your planet is surrounded by us; we are great angels of light who have incarnated here to be in two places at once. It’s as if our little toe fills a human body and the rest of our body is out above the planet. The physical body gives us a toe-hold on Earth and anchors us and grounds us here.

From the first minutes of New Year’s Day your planet’s energy will change, and it will build over the months. First the energy, then the physical results for your planet; but things will happen faster and faster. What happens when you bathe a dark planet in light? For this planet there will be stages, and stage one will be cleansing. You know by actions who is doing right and who is doing wrong. You can see the results of actions taken. Without getting into a political argument, there are actions taken in your names’ that you would never agree to, and you can see the harmful results. People are harmed and sorrow increases. Dark energy gives a push to these actions, and allows them to be easy to put into motion. What if sometime next year all these same actions are going against the current? What if every time someone tries to institute a new policy that harms people or the planet he can’t get it off the ground?  That’s what changing the energy means.

Stage two looks like summer-time, where people and planet are quietly and blissfully soaking up light; your golden summer of happy days.

Stage three looks like a planet full of people whose eyes shine like bright stars and who tolerate nothing that is dark and harmful.

Will everything change quietly? Maybe not quietly, but certainly quickly. Remember the idea of a roller coaster hurtling down a steep run while you hang on tight? Our best advice is to hang on and enjoy the ride.

Winter happenings at Avebury Stone Circle

Four of us from my Earth Healing group went to Avebury Stone Circle yesterday for a visit. Usually when I go there’s something new to notice and take care of, and this was an interesting mid-winter visit. It was a very quiet day – in more ways than one. The stones in the great circle usually have a lot to say and are happy to talk to visitors, but this time their attention is focused on the sky. They’re busy, and if you say feeble human things like “That wave of energy is coming very soon, perhaps within the next two weeks, they say “We Know!”” We’re guessing, they absolutely know. They are very hard at work preparing.

Stepping into the great circle the drumming from the springtime has subsided, and the circle is spinning if you walk clockwise. It can feel a little dizzy but it’s supposed to spin, and it’s like walking on one of those moving walkways from inside an airport (not if you walk counter-clockwise.) These stones used to look grey, but now they appear like white quartz, shining with light and they’re all there restored to their places. You have to struggle to see the grey stones and the gaps in the circles their energy is now so strong.

I have previously written about the role of Avebury in the ascension of the planet in Downfall of Atlantis, so I’ll move on now as the Avebury circle itself is waiting to speak.

“We exist on your physical plane as an incomplete circle and an ancient ruin. This is such a small part of who we are that you can’t understand us by visiting and looking at stones. We are so much, much more. In the last few years we have been waking up and getting ready to resume our function for the planet Earth.

We were put here by Atlanteans to align this planet with specific stars. Time has moved slowly for those stars and we continue in alignment. They exert a pull on this planet by anchoring through us, we are an extension of these stars, and we maintain connection of this planet to the outer universe. Lately we’ve been resting and waiting for the right time, and when that came we began preparations to reconnect this beautiful planet back into her place in the universe so that her voice and song can be heard again among her universal family of planets. There is only one family of planets and they sing together like a choir, and all their voices together make a cushion of sound that fills this universe. Your planet has been silent a long time and the song is incomplete without her voice. When the planets sing together there is balance and light in the dark spaces, and all of life is cushioned and protected with their softness and gentleness (although some planets are quite fierce!) You live on a very sweet-natured planet, like a favourite little sister to the others.

Avebury is ready for the Earth to resume her song.”

You know that wave of energy we’re expecting to hit the Earth in 2012? It could come from inside her, from the song.

2012 The Year of Miracles, and a word on Crop Circles

By Pan

Miracles are coming? What kind of miracles? Intangible, world-changing miracles that some will certainly see, and others will certainly not see. A miracle occurs when the impossible happens; when something utterly new takes place and you have no explanation for it, like crop circles. Crop circles are made by the Earth itself as follows: she makes the patterns and we elementals sing the stalks into lying down on the pattern, and then watch as you come and marvel. Crop circles exist to puzzle you and make you think further. When you acknowledge that you don’t know how they appeared the crop circle has served it purpose for you; but the Earth is just amusing herself by doing something creative, because she can.  These miracles coming in 2012 will involve the Earth’s creative energy, and spontaneous creation through joy.  You will find the unexpected and unexplainable (by scientists) happening on the Earth in the future.

It is a basic truth that everything requires energy, from your living bodies to ideas and plans of action. The energy behind a scheme can build until suddenly it is a reality in the lower three dimensions. A new building is a good example of this; first the idea and desire, then the planning, followed by the building. Expand that example to encompass everything on this planet; first the energy, then the manifestation in the lower three dimensions where you live.  The energy of this planet’s environment will change with the wave of universal energy on its way so that it can evolve. It is going to go from stagnant to bright and lively in a matter of months. The earth you walk on and live on will have changed direction 180⁰ (not its orbit, but moving from stagnant to flowing, and flow equals light.) By the time that change works through to you who live on her, everything will have changed for the better.

You have been caught in webs of darkness and deceit on an institutional level, i.e. your institutions have conspired to keep you blind and cowed. They are fading right now and will be gone; you don’t need them. You need sunshine, light and rainfall and very little else, and an Earth who provides these things with a flick of her thought (just like crop circles.) In Atlantis a crop could grow out of the ground and be ready to harvest overnight, and what was normal then would be a miracle now. Miracles where the Earth is concerned are part of her make-up, and her abilities will astound you.

A long time ago in his third book of The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien wrote about a golden summer of plenty in the Shire. Your golden summer is coming.

2012 – What to expect

By the Archangel Melchizadek

This is the first in a series of articles about 2012 where the archangels want to work with readers to change the energy in advance of 2012. Writing and posting online, putting information “out there” has energy beyond sitting and thinking and keeping it to a circle of friends. Everything you’ve ever done, in every incarnation as well as this lifetime has led you to your role and purpose in 2012.

Thank you for the dramatic introduction! 2012 is the year when all of you manifest (show, do, bring into existence) your small part of the puzzle. No one has to “save the planet” alone, what is going to be irresistible for you is to take action in your own lives which leads to you being happy. This is a complicated planet where there are many, many things happening at once. Humanity itself is separating into layers, where the layers are the haves and have-nots. How do you interpret that? We interpret it as energy – some of you have light in your hearts and express it, you shine it out and others can see it. “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” Maybe you have hidden your light in the past, but next year you won’t be able to tolerate staying hidden. You will have to shine or burst with all the light you are concealing. We want you to shine.

Shine – act in ways that are loving and joyous, teach others what you have learned, share love with friends and strangers, and laugh right out loud at joyous jokes (not the squirming heh-heh you do when someone makes a cruel joke.) Shining is letting everyone see that there is more to life with love, and that richness in life is through connection with people. Meet in happy groups, throw informal get-togethers, play games, sing songs yourselves, tell stories instead of watching stories on TV. Go to live entertainment and applaud. Interact eye-to-eye with people in shops. They will see the light in your eyes and it’s catching, it will spread.

Humanity is in layers, if your layer starts to shine, it will rise up, lighten up. It’s like bubbles, it will float up and what’s underneath will rise up too. They may not share your lives or light, but they will rise up behind you. Poor downtrodden masses, it doesn’t have to be that way if they are bubbles lifting up behind you. You are the ones who will lead the way. What will remain on this planet is light, so be light and be here living with joy and laughter. It’s what you incarnated for, to all help the planet at once.

We archangels wrote an entire book about this and called it Planet Earth Today. You agreed to do this in the depths of time and it’s time to fulfil your side of the contract. You agreed to live in love for all of life and be useful by shining out the light of the human soul on this planet. Let go of everything that no longer serves you and move forward. This is the time to live in joy and allow change to flow through you.

We want to get you thinking about this now, because the energy will change and we want it to be easy for you. There are those who will not change in their current lifetimes, and you must not be diverted by them but use your own life for joy.

Looking Ahead to 2012

Archangel of Light

There is a lot of turmoil in your news right now in December 2011, and I’m here to say that this is just the beginning. You have a wave of light coming starting the 1st of January until 21.12.12 when it will finish. Think of it as an arc, a slow start, full strength, then finishing by tying up loose ends in December. When I say full strength, imagine a fire hose turned onto a football/soccer ball. This wave has been scheduled from the very beginning of the universe. Its properties have been known since then; it was built into the universes’ plans by All That Is. You are ready for the challenge of moving forward if you are the kind of person that reads articles like this.

You may be afraid that economies, governments, currencies, etc. may crumble away and be gone. What exactly would you be losing if they did? You would be losing something man-made. The world that is valued by all the other species alive on this planet would be untouched by these failures as would the Earth itself. You are the only species that would be affected. You would be losing social and economic structures that you put into place and maintain for yourselves. How well do they serve you? In my view they stopped serving you a long time ago. The vestiges that are left barely serve the people who do the work to pay for them.

Can you leave behind a failed system and just walk forward without clinging to it? We showed this channel what was coming, and she said “It’s Narnia.” A world of great beauty and love, a world unlike the one you have lived in, is waiting for you. It’s a world of light and balance, with fairness and respect among the species. Earth was meant to be a beautiful paradise here and now, never something to be achieved once you’re dead. You have only seen your real world through the eyes of fiction writers, and C S Lewis is worth revisiting for the descriptions of happy Narnia, and for the end of the old world in the final book, for that is where some of you will be next year. When you have read about his vision of the new Earth it may help you move forward with joy rather than fear.