2012 – What to expect

By the Archangel Melchizadek

This is the first in a series of articles about 2012 where the archangels want to work with readers to change the energy in advance of 2012. Writing and posting online, putting information “out there” has energy beyond sitting and thinking and keeping it to a circle of friends. Everything you’ve ever done, in every incarnation as well as this lifetime has led you to your role and purpose in 2012.

Thank you for the dramatic introduction! 2012 is the year when all of you manifest (show, do, bring into existence) your small part of the puzzle. No one has to “save the planet” alone, what is going to be irresistible for you is to take action in your own lives which leads to you being happy. This is a complicated planet where there are many, many things happening at once. Humanity itself is separating into layers, where the layers are the haves and have-nots. How do you interpret that? We interpret it as energy – some of you have light in your hearts and express it, you shine it out and others can see it. “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” Maybe you have hidden your light in the past, but next year you won’t be able to tolerate staying hidden. You will have to shine or burst with all the light you are concealing. We want you to shine.

Shine – act in ways that are loving and joyous, teach others what you have learned, share love with friends and strangers, and laugh right out loud at joyous jokes (not the squirming heh-heh you do when someone makes a cruel joke.) Shining is letting everyone see that there is more to life with love, and that richness in life is through connection with people. Meet in happy groups, throw informal get-togethers, play games, sing songs yourselves, tell stories instead of watching stories on TV. Go to live entertainment and applaud. Interact eye-to-eye with people in shops. They will see the light in your eyes and it’s catching, it will spread.

Humanity is in layers, if your layer starts to shine, it will rise up, lighten up. It’s like bubbles, it will float up and what’s underneath will rise up too. They may not share your lives or light, but they will rise up behind you. Poor downtrodden masses, it doesn’t have to be that way if they are bubbles lifting up behind you. You are the ones who will lead the way. What will remain on this planet is light, so be light and be here living with joy and laughter. It’s what you incarnated for, to all help the planet at once.

We archangels wrote an entire book about this and called it Planet Earth Today. You agreed to do this in the depths of time and it’s time to fulfil your side of the contract. You agreed to live in love for all of life and be useful by shining out the light of the human soul on this planet. Let go of everything that no longer serves you and move forward. This is the time to live in joy and allow change to flow through you.

We want to get you thinking about this now, because the energy will change and we want it to be easy for you. There are those who will not change in their current lifetimes, and you must not be diverted by them but use your own life for joy.