The Last Few Quiet Days of 2011

Roller Coaster

First Elohim

It’s now the final days of 2011, which has been the year of preparation. The stones at Avebury have been preparing, the trees have been preparing, and the Earth has been gathering information and taking stock of her situation. This new year the energy will alter as the numerals alter, as a year end always alters the energy. There is energy in numbers themselves.

I am First Elohim, and I and my other Elohim stand ready to act on behalf of Earth and the rest of the Universe during the 2012 wave of energy. Your planet is surrounded by us; we are great angels of light who have incarnated here to be in two places at once. It’s as if our little toe fills a human body and the rest of our body is out above the planet. The physical body gives us a toe-hold on Earth and anchors us and grounds us here.

From the first minutes of New Year’s Day your planet’s energy will change, and it will build over the months. First the energy, then the physical results for your planet; but things will happen faster and faster. What happens when you bathe a dark planet in light? For this planet there will be stages, and stage one will be cleansing. You know by actions who is doing right and who is doing wrong. You can see the results of actions taken. Without getting into a political argument, there are actions taken in your names’ that you would never agree to, and you can see the harmful results. People are harmed and sorrow increases. Dark energy gives a push to these actions, and allows them to be easy to put into motion. What if sometime next year all these same actions are going against the current? What if every time someone tries to institute a new policy that harms people or the planet he can’t get it off the ground?  That’s what changing the energy means.

Stage two looks like summer-time, where people and planet are quietly and blissfully soaking up light; your golden summer of happy days.

Stage three looks like a planet full of people whose eyes shine like bright stars and who tolerate nothing that is dark and harmful.

Will everything change quietly? Maybe not quietly, but certainly quickly. Remember the idea of a roller coaster hurtling down a steep run while you hang on tight? Our best advice is to hang on and enjoy the ride.