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What it means to be alive

Life is Beautiful

By the Archangel Melchizadek

“I have something to say that doesn’t belong in any religion, but it belongs to those who have taken the chance and incarnated here. There are 7 billion humans on Earth now, or 7 billion stars, premier league players, everyone being the very best there is. You have fielded your top team filled with your best and bravest people, and you came here to live right now. Being alive is a privilege and a gift, and each of you fought for your place here during these years of change.

These are days when some of you will feel squeezed and pushed from behind to go in certain directions. You chose your direction long ago before you were a baby and promptly forgot it when you began to choose how to live your life. That’s ok, and that’s how it always is; but it makes it harder for you to accomplish everything you once planned to do. When 2011 ended it was a watershed moment, and it gave you all a chance to move forward as long as you just started moving and, in most cases, left behind all those things that weren’t working for you any longer. The direction you wish to move in is the direction you once had planned. The early months of 2012 have a go-ahead energy for walking forward. Maybe you need to walk ahead a little then glance back to see if you left anything behind you really value. Chances are you did not.

When you are alive your experiences teach you about yourself. It gives you a special heaviness and weight of existence that makes each act resonate outwards, and choices you make carry additional power and strength just because you chose to be here and run any risks. (What risks? Unhappiness, pain, fear, etc.) You are a match for anyone else alive, and more than a match for any being without an incarnate body, and there are many varieties of those from fairies (not incarnate in the same way) to spirit guides, angels, ghosts and more. You have no one to fear, and a great ability to do good if you wish.

Some of you feel that ‘others’ have the power to run your lives, but no one can rule you unless you give them the power you were born with. Be brave and take it back; use it to walk forward in the direction you feel calling you. You will find yourself at full strength then, and coming together physically and spiritually. That is when you will feel truly alive and in your power.”

Avebury Healing Day workshop

I’ve put a flyer up on my calender page for a one day healing workshop at Avebury for 10th February. Please have a look and contact me if you would like to come.

Preparations for December 2012


Titania – looking like a swirl of sparkling lights

Fairies are elemental folk of woodland and heath, and wherever plants grow and live. We exist alongside animals but they are not our major concern, we fit them into our picture of life without needing to look after them. They have their own purposes.

Our joy and privilege is to “be the other half” of the growing plants. Their variety, their ability to grow in obscure niches, their sweet natures, we adore them and do everything we can for them while they are rooted in one place. We step inside them and are gone, hiding from you as you walk by, only to pop out and be their partners when you have moved on. This is our life.

Now imagine each of those growing plants, from the largest to the smallest as tiny extensions of the Earth itself. How does she gather information? She knows when the breeze ruffles a field of grass, and she is waiting and watching, relearning everything about herself as this year begins. The information goes in and is combined, sorted, analysed and comprehended, the same way you use your brains. This is the final year of her old self, and when the sun rises on the morning of Dec 21st, 2012 she has the means and opportunity to shed a skin like a chrysalis butterfly. Her skin is layers of energy and it’s time to release those that no longer serve her.

The result of this will be good for her and good for all of us, you included. Do you see that if you can also release all that no longer serves you, that you will be in synch with her? You have all year to practice letting go, going with the flow, cleaning out your lives, and releasing old patterns. We are talking about an energetic change to the Earth, but change to your three-dimensional lives will surely follow.

Adieu, and think about what you are doing this year.

3 Tips for 2012

Light Body

The new energy of 2012 has been very exciting and very strong. The energy looks like a stiff breeze blowing horizontally past us as we go through our daily lives. There are three things we’ve been practising here to help cope with the force of this universal energy.

  1. Meditation. I am not a regular one for meditation, but it’s a lifesaver at the moment. You are a large energy body anchored in a physical body. That’s your home here on Earth, that physical body, and if you didn’t have one you wouldn’t be here. You have a large energy body, or soul, and all you may have managed to squeeze into your body was the equivalent of your big toe, you would look like a balloon pinned to the planet by just your toe. Some people of my acquaintance are not very grounded or present in their lives – they’re always thinking about something else. Meditation is one excellent way to put you firmly back into your body, in the present, and making sure that as those strong energy winds blow past you this year you are anchored in your body. Those winds have just begun, and they are going to get stronger and stronger. It looks like meditation daily at least until the end of February is necessary.
  2. Detox (Oh, no – not detox! How boring!) Your body is being asked to work hard this year and the more toxic you are the harder it will be for you. Would you never clean your house?
  3. Reiki self-treatments, or whatever equivalent you may practice. If you practice Reiki this year is when it really comes into its own to help you keep pace with the changes that are happening daily. This is how you make it easy for yourself, and can look forward to a good outcome.

I looked ahead at this year, and the only thing I can say for sure is that there are so many possibilities that you can’t predict exactly how it will unfold from January. Change because of the energy, yes, but events will set pathways in motion, while other pathways will be choked off. Wait and see.

A Connection between Music and Healing

Thomas Tallis

We held our January Earth Healing group, and it went very smoothly. Last year when we met the column of light seemed to fill our circle and build and spread out to wherever it was needed. This week as we all began to channel healing energy we were a little circle inside of a bigger circle of light (from the beginning) perhaps three times as large as our physical presence. It felt like we were in a still pool of light.

Once we are all tuned in either to Reiki or spiritual healing or whatever method people have learned in the past we carry on talking. The conversation can swing between topics that concern us, and as we watch the healing energy flows to those subjects. We try not to direct the energy ourselves because we are sending it “for the highest good of all” as our intention.

During my first Master Candidate retreat with my Reiki Master Phyllis Furumoto we observed that the energy swings around a room and picks out the person who is to speak next. Some people are not aware of this and speak when it’s someone else’s turn. During our healing circles the Reiki or healing energy is very strong, and it is selecting people to speak. Someone may say something that seems unrelated to the previous talk until it leads everyone to a deeper understanding of the situation.

Out of the blue one member started talking about Thomas Tallis – who is Thomas Tallis, and can anyone tell her about him because he has been repeatedly coming to her attention in the last couple of days. Thomas Tallis wrote music at the court of Elizabeth I of England, and was a contemporary of Shakespeare. His Spem in Alium is eight choirs of five voices weaving mathematically through song, a complex and blended piece of music for vocal artists. Tallis constructed this piece with great balance and with as much delicacy and precision as a house of cards. My daughter ran and put on a copy that she recorded with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain sung by 90 young singers. The still pool of healing energy stopped being still and began to ripple and spread farther away. It picked up the voices in the piece and used it to amplify the evening’s work. This particular piece of music allowed us to be assisted by the voices and energy of the youth choir.

We learn something new every time we meet.