3 Tips for 2012

Light Body

The new energy of 2012 has been very exciting and very strong. The energy looks like a stiff breeze blowing horizontally past us as we go through our daily lives. There are three things we’ve been practising here to help cope with the force of this universal energy.

  1. Meditation. I am not a regular one for meditation, but it’s a lifesaver at the moment. You are a large energy body anchored in a physical body. That’s your home here on Earth, that physical body, and if you didn’t have one you wouldn’t be here. You have a large energy body, or soul, and all you may have managed to squeeze into your body was the equivalent of your big toe, you would look like a balloon pinned to the planet by just your toe. Some people of my acquaintance are not very grounded or present in their lives – they’re always thinking about something else. Meditation is one excellent way to put you firmly back into your body, in the present, and making sure that as those strong energy winds blow past you this year you are anchored in your body. Those winds have just begun, and they are going to get stronger and stronger. It looks like meditation daily at least until the end of February is necessary.
  2. Detox (Oh, no – not detox! How boring!) Your body is being asked to work hard this year and the more toxic you are the harder it will be for you. Would you never clean your house?
  3. Reiki self-treatments, or whatever equivalent you may practice. If you practice Reiki this year is when it really comes into its own to help you keep pace with the changes that are happening daily. This is how you make it easy for yourself, and can look forward to a good outcome.

I looked ahead at this year, and the only thing I can say for sure is that there are so many possibilities that you can’t predict exactly how it will unfold from January. Change because of the energy, yes, but events will set pathways in motion, while other pathways will be choked off. Wait and see.