A Connection between Music and Healing

Thomas Tallis

We held our January Earth Healing group, and it went very smoothly. Last year when we met the column of light seemed to fill our circle and build and spread out to wherever it was needed. This week as we all began to channel healing energy we were a little circle inside of a bigger circle of light (from the beginning) perhaps three times as large as our physical presence. It felt like we were in a still pool of light.

Once we are all tuned in either to Reiki or spiritual healing or whatever method people have learned in the past we carry on talking. The conversation can swing between topics that concern us, and as we watch the healing energy flows to those subjects. We try not to direct the energy ourselves because we are sending it “for the highest good of all” as our intention.

During my first Master Candidate retreat with my Reiki Master Phyllis Furumoto we observed that the energy swings around a room and picks out the person who is to speak next. Some people are not aware of this and speak when it’s someone else’s turn. During our healing circles the Reiki or healing energy is very strong, and it is selecting people to speak. Someone may say something that seems unrelated to the previous talk until it leads everyone to a deeper understanding of the situation.

Out of the blue one member started talking about Thomas Tallis – who is Thomas Tallis, and can anyone tell her about him because he has been repeatedly coming to her attention in the last couple of days. Thomas Tallis wrote music at the court of Elizabeth I of England, and was a contemporary of Shakespeare. His Spem in Alium is eight choirs of five voices weaving mathematically through song, a complex and blended piece of music for vocal artists. Tallis constructed this piece with great balance and with as much delicacy and precision as a house of cards. My daughter ran and put on a copy that she recorded with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain sung by 90 young singers. The still pool of healing energy stopped being still and began to ripple and spread farther away. It picked up the voices in the piece and used it to amplify the evening’s work. This particular piece of music allowed us to be assisted by the voices and energy of the youth choir.

We learn something new every time we meet.

2 thoughts on “A Connection between Music and Healing

  1. Gill Hancock

    Interestingly, your December blog, reporting on your visit to Avebury says… “There is only one family of planets and they sing together like a choir, and all their voices together make a cushion of sound that fills this universe.” That is what listening to Spem in Alium felt like during the earth healing session!
    Wonderful stuff. Many thanks.

  2. Maureen Burge

    Hi Candace,
    Sorry I could not make it to the last two meetings, I have had some family problems to help out with but I have kept in touch through Janet and Linda.
    It seems that the group linked into the musical notes /energies sending them out to the universe through sound, which is also colour, we resonate to musical notes through the spine. Very interesting.
    Hope to see you at the next meeting…Maureen.X

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