New Year baby

We went for a walk on New Year’s Day (in heavy rain, so no sunlight), and I focused on looking at the light coming out of the planet. It was bright enough to make me avert my eyes. I felt she had spent last year gathering information about her current state of being, but now it was 2012 and time to shine out with her own light. Over the past few years I had seen exactly this as the place I wanted to get to, a beautiful planet that was shining from the inside. When I look at her now there is a feeling that there’s noting that can stop her from shining if she wants to. She wants to.

And for those of us who seem to spend all night “doing something” instead of getting a sound nights sleep and wake unrefreshed, has it improved since 1.1.12? I got the information that we were all busy helping prepare for the new year’s energy, just like everything else on this planet. Now that it’s actually 2012 we have more help from more directions, including the Earth, and that makes it easier for us.

Each year that comes in has its own energy, its own personality if you like, and a single year’s span is all the time it has to live.  It is like each year we get a new energy to work with for just that year, but it is more than just an inanimate energy there for our use.  A ‘year’ has its own life to live and learn from – it feels sentient too, and in a year we have the option to work with this new energy/personality and it learns from us for a year.  Then as one year draws to an end, I could feel the energy tailing off and becoming frailer as it faded to a wisp right up to the last moment of the year when there was practically nothing left and then….bam, in comes the new year all strong and fresh and raring to go.  That’s why we have new year’s resolutions and fresh resolve I think; all that new energy is invigorating and exciting and the new year itself (well certainly this one anyway – 2012) seems to be saying “yeah work with me baby, I’m here, I’m ready, let’s go!”