What’s already different about 2012

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The previous blog mentioned the brightness of the light pouring up out of the Earth. You are walking around in brilliant white light, where before you were reliant on light coming down to your planet from the sun, moon and stars. The light on your planet has increased exponentially from the first of January. How does that make any difference to life here?

This is the light of truth, the light that removes the dark corners where lies can hide. Humans are not accustomed to using their discernment, but there are many of you who are ready to practice their skills as human lie-detectors. There are many of you that are excellent at reading the energy of a situation, and who have good intuition. You just need to trust yourselves to go against what other people are saying or writing if necessary, and come to your own conclusions. When a person speaks their words carry energy, think of the times you have listened attentively to someone who is passionate about their subject and the way you felt about what they were saying. Now think of a radio or TV interview with someone who is evasive, who is trying to twist the truth for their own purposes. You can barely listen to them speak, in fact you may stop listening until their spot is over. Why are you all so polite? Why is it discourteous to challenge what they’re saying when you can hear they are lying? The clue to lies and truth is the dark energy that is present in the lies, and the light that is present in the truth. Many, many of you are able to detect this energy, and then you need to force yourselves to listen to those who lie and challenge them on what they are saying. Lying is accepted as the way things are done among the politicians that represent you, but it’s simply not for the highest good of all.

Why am I asking this of you, to speak up for yourselves and stand up for light and truth? This is one practical way where you can use the new light to make changes in your world. The energy that is present on your planet right now will help make it easy to change the fundamentals of human society on Earth. There are so many things to change, from the way the planet is treated to the way you treat each other. At the core of this is lying and keeping the truth hidden. This is also about the energy of working together and taking group action across a wide spectrum.  It’s over to you now.