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Winter Avebury Healing Day follow-up part one


Possible original layout of the Avebury circles

By the Avebury Stone Circle

A long time ago the Circle at Avebury was the single most essential part of the planet for circulating energy. It entered from the stars, circulated through all the ley lines and more than that, exited the ley lines to feed the whole Earth with life force energy. It was as if you plugged the stars in there and started charging the Earth with power. You humans do not see your own connections to the stars, but you have energy because you are not blocked, it enters and it leaves. That is how you are a part of everything there is.

Avebury was blocked and the universal energy did not enter for many millennia, and Earth was in a passive state. On a computer it would be sleep mode. The circular bubble containing Avebury was put in place to isolate and protect the higher-dimensional structure of the site. When you entered into the space you were still aware that there was something special contained there, but most people couldn’t use the site for more than personal healing. Planetary healing was out of the question.

We are now unblocked, and our first priority is to draw in energy from the stars and fill up with energy. The energy is beginning to spill out and spread farther from Avebury, but if the Earth itself is filled up the energy will have changed everywhere under your feet. Some of you have noticed the increase in energy already, as we receive life from the stars.

Winter healing at Avebury stone circle

Avebury Stone Circel

I organised a healing day to Avebury where my Archangelic guides gave me the agenda. We started as a circle in the centre of Avebury (which was completely filled with beings of light) where we all became one stone together, and as a stone we were able to focus the energy down into the Earth from the outer universe. As conduits we absorbed the energy from above and the energy from below, and we were filled up with love. After a while we went over to stand in two places on the other side, going through the gateway that some people refer to as the male and female stones. As soon as you walk through there you have left behind the heaviness of the modern world and are in a place where it is easier than ever to see all the dimensions present. We divided and stood in two groups talking among ourselves. My conversation about what I needed to leave behind to be stronger and more whole changed the energy of the ground beneath our feet. We felt the change as the living Earth listened and responded to the energy of me leaving behind old stuff and moving forward. We were aware that we were opening a couple of long conduits down into the Earth where we were standing, and what we were saying speeded up the process. It was wonderful to us to interact with a living planet, and it’s the first time I’ve felt her energy respond in quite that way.

On the way to lunch we stopped and visited some of the stones we were passing. One friend spotted the stone that was a map of her home country, down to the dimples where her birthplace and adult home had been before leaving as a refugee. It was a very caring stone, and also a shape-shifter that showed people what they needed for healing. It offered love and a hug. I found the one that is a portal to the outer universe and stepped out into the stars, and then had to come back, reluctantly. It’s so beautiful out there, and it felt like home to me. Others connected to stones that had something to offer them.

Then after lunch we had the main event where we walked to the end of the processional way. In the last three or four years I had noticed that above Avebury was contained in a bubble above and below ground. I didn’t know why it was there. Our job on Friday was to walk back down the processional way as druids and through a door into another parallel dimension. Once we had entered that door we would be working with the whole circle and not just one area of it. Dividing again into two parties we walked the boundaries to meet at the far side as the walls of the bubble rolled up behind us and light spilled out.  From that point on the whole area was overwhelmingly happy. Then we were done and ready for a cup of tea and the gift shop.

I am not a druid, but we were doing druid activities all day, and I could see who among us was wearing their past-life white robes while striding along, especially going back to the circle.  Thousands of years ago the druids were the link between the dimensions and became part of the energetic transfer and connection from the Earth to the Universe and vice versa, and by doing that pulled this energy through the entire human race as their representatives. We effectively became mini-stones and helped amplify the energy and assist the stones doing what they want to do. It helps humanity to fill up with the love of Mother below (Earth) and Mother above (Universe). This day re-awakened an old forgotten pattern for us all. Druids were the gardeners of the stones, and they used to stand in the circle humming, which the stones loved. Asking the stones what that was like for them I got the image of a stony backrub. The humming amplified the sound and spread it farther out. Druids used ceremony to get them into the trancelike state to work with the higher dimensions.

Driving away the circle looked empty of houses, so I think there are two Aveburys present there at the moment. The buildings may have been there for centuries but they are flickering now. In the long history of this site those buildings have only been there a small blip in time, and the stones have been renewed many times. One comment was, “it would be like living in a cathedral.”

As we were leaving one friend said, “That was great, I haven’t done that before.” I replied it’s always like that when I go.

First Special Date of 2012

Catch that wave!

By the Archangel Melchizadek

2012 is the year of transformation from the old to the new, and there are some unique events that will take place during the year. Each one will provide you with an opportunity to catch the wave, and ride it into your future. We want to talk to you about the first one, and this time we would ask you to send it on to your friends to read.

Around 2 ½ weeks to 3 weeks into April 2012 the first wave of energy arrives on Earth. It is a universal wave, and will affect far more than your planet. Some of you will be ready to catch the wave and ride it forward, where it provides the forward motion so you can concentrate on doing what you feel drawn to do. To catch this wave you have to be ready – that means you are not turning back saying “I just need to finish….” I see it like this, humanity stands on the edge of a cliff and those who are ready are facing forward with their knees bent and when the energy scoops them up they travel effortlessly a long way and finish at a higher point. Others who are not ready will miss the wave and end up walking along below. This split I have consistently seen for years as something that occurs in 2012.

In my house there are three people with three different goals for this time period. I have to finish my latest book so I’m not writing it anymore at that time, even if it hasn’t come back from the printers yet. Another has a lot of music to learn so she can perform it after that date, and a third needs to learn self-confidence and to believe in her own abilities so she’s ready to go. There are hours of serious work involved in all three of the above. Many people are doing what they need to do without consciously thinking about it.

We’re having a period of Mars retrograde until April, and it’s giving us a space to work that is still without the energy winds blowing that were present in January and will resume in April. What do you have to do to be ready to move forward?

Mozart and Music

I saw the Marriage of Figaro over the weekend, and after a while I thought I would look at the energy of the singers. I could feel their energy; a recording is nothing like a live performance. The waves of energy vibrated out of their mouths and filled the room, and we were sitting in an atmosphere that was being changed by music. In fact, there was so much energy coming out of the singers that I looked to see the source of the energy, to see what they had tapped into. Behind them was Mozart about four times larger than the building itself, an energetic presence of golden light. Then I understood that he was the lens that filtered the universal life force energy into the form of music, and the singers were the vehicle for sending that energy on to us.

Mozart is considered an ascended master. He was born at a time when his ability to turn light into music was something new and different from the previous type of Western music. His music wasn’t always a success in his lifetime, but we still play and love it today because of the sweetness of the light.

Singers and actors connect to the composer or author and show you the energy of the work. The purpose of getting someone to perform the work is to give the piece itself life, as it is lifeless until someone picks it up and gives it sound. And then it is beautiful, so much more than it ever appeared to be on a piece of paper.  Energy, the composer, the singers all have their part to play to deliver it to you. The purpose of the music is to be surrounded by the sound as you sit in a live production. The recorded music is a memory and an invitation to go to a live performance. The quality of energy is simply not there. (This paragraph by Mozart.)

We know that there are singers and actors out there who tap into the energy of a piece that is not light. This requires strength to perform successfully, come away and return to self. If you are a performer and have doubts about performing a piece then it would be better to pass it by. Meditation allows you to know yourself and gives you a place to return to after a performance, and allows you to perform from a position of strength. (This paragraph by Archangel Melchizadek.)

The energy of winter

Sapporo Snow Festival

By the consciousness of Winter

“Winter is something that is not always understood or valued. I am the equivalent of your nights’ sleep for the plants, some animals and surface of the planet. They have three seasons to be awake and then they fall asleep for my time of year. Plants and soil need a respite too, a quiet time to simply rest and not be pushing out growth or supporting the growth in plants. Pushing and supporting take a great deal of energy, and these are living beings. Their rest period allows them to come back in the spring refreshed and ready to go again. It’s all about energy and how it is allocated. Humanity is affected by winter also, it encourages you to slow down and it urges you to play.

I am a benign consciousness; I lay a fluffy snow blanket down, turn down the lights and look after the world at my time of year. I could be a mother or nursery maid looking after those in my care, and I stay awake and see that no harm comes. When Spring comes knocking irresistibly at the bedroom door I open it to let in new light and energy and leave until it is my time again.  If you had no winter for rest you would not be living here on Earth, you would be on a planet where no one required sleep. It’s part of your integral programming to sleep at night, and during the winter.

Humans are so restless, please enjoy the opportunity to slow down for a season and play in the snow. Snow is made for playing, for cheerfulness, beauty and joy. It’s my gift. Winter has its own rhythm and charm, and is welcomed by life for the change of pace. Take advantage of the chance to slow down and rest once a year. The purpose of winter is to maintain life by allowing it to rest and sleep. “

We had four inches here last Saturday night, and I could hear all those snowflakes excitedly giggling in the middle of the night. It was water in a new form, and they were enjoying it en masse. By dawn the snowflakes were gently humming the same song and a few hours later were simply whispering “shh…” No cars went by, just people walking and laughing with sleds heading for the park on Sunday to enjoy the snow.

I asked Winter about the tropics, and he said “People understand the need to slow down in the tropics, they use heat to get them to rest in the day and their plants have a different, slower rhythm than temperate plants.” I could see that his restful energy was present in the tropics, but more like a daily pulse than a seasonal one.