First Special Date of 2012

Catch that wave!

By the Archangel Melchizadek

2012 is the year of transformation from the old to the new, and there are some unique events that will take place during the year. Each one will provide you with an opportunity to catch the wave, and ride it into your future. We want to talk to you about the first one, and this time we would ask you to send it on to your friends to read.

Around 2 ½ weeks to 3 weeks into April 2012 the first wave of energy arrives on Earth. It is a universal wave, and will affect far more than your planet. Some of you will be ready to catch the wave and ride it forward, where it provides the forward motion so you can concentrate on doing what you feel drawn to do. To catch this wave you have to be ready – that means you are not turning back saying “I just need to finish….” I see it like this, humanity stands on the edge of a cliff and those who are ready are facing forward with their knees bent and when the energy scoops them up they travel effortlessly a long way and finish at a higher point. Others who are not ready will miss the wave and end up walking along below. This split I have consistently seen for years as something that occurs in 2012.

In my house there are three people with three different goals for this time period. I have to finish my latest book so I’m not writing it anymore at that time, even if it hasn’t come back from the printers yet. Another has a lot of music to learn so she can perform it after that date, and a third needs to learn self-confidence and to believe in her own abilities so she’s ready to go. There are hours of serious work involved in all three of the above. Many people are doing what they need to do without consciously thinking about it.

We’re having a period of Mars retrograde until April, and it’s giving us a space to work that is still without the energy winds blowing that were present in January and will resume in April. What do you have to do to be ready to move forward?