Winter Avebury Healing Day follow-up part one


Possible original layout of the Avebury circles

By the Avebury Stone Circle

A long time ago the Circle at Avebury was the single most essential part of the planet for circulating energy. It entered from the stars, circulated through all the ley lines and more than that, exited the ley lines to feed the whole Earth with life force energy. It was as if you plugged the stars in there and started charging the Earth with power. You humans do not see your own connections to the stars, but you have energy because you are not blocked, it enters and it leaves. That is how you are a part of everything there is.

Avebury was blocked and the universal energy did not enter for many millennia, and Earth was in a passive state. On a computer it would be sleep mode. The circular bubble containing Avebury was put in place to isolate and protect the higher-dimensional structure of the site. When you entered into the space you were still aware that there was something special contained there, but most people couldn’t use the site for more than personal healing. Planetary healing was out of the question.

We are now unblocked, and our first priority is to draw in energy from the stars and fill up with energy. The energy is beginning to spill out and spread farther from Avebury, but if the Earth itself is filled up the energy will have changed everywhere under your feet. Some of you have noticed the increase in energy already, as we receive life from the stars.