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Spring Ecstasy

Spring Daffodils

The elemental energy of Spring

Spring arrived on the 20th of March, and the stillness of the previous months came to an end. It’s a gentle start; as if you stood up from a chair and were beginning to walk. The preceding two months were more than the quiet of winter; it was a period without forward motion. That continues as the underlying energy this year until the 14th of April. But Spring is irrepressible, it can’t be held back because the background energy is quiet and still. When Spring arrived events started to move forward again.

You are being eased into the most rambunctious Spring energy that Earth has seen for 26,000 years. This is the time of year that plants burst into life and grow as fast as they can to be ready for the summer. Your Northern Hemisphere Spring is early, and your summer will be early. You are going to be drenched in light this year to help you all move forward at your own speed. The sunlight changes the way people feel about their lives and the beautiful days draw them outside. When you are outdoors you are in our world, the fresh world of the elementals and plants and animals. Our energy is clean and flowing, and interaction with us changes the way you see your lives. Sunlight is important for life and growth, and you need it as much as any green plant.

Recently you were gifted with the largest solar flares on record. The energy of those flares was like a starting gun at a race. Many of you have been ill, and clearing out your bodies. You have taken the first step to change your physical body to blend in with the new energy, and the sun gave you a strong dose of the new energy. It is your local representative of the Central Sun of the universe. Light is light, and the Source of all light uses stars to distribute it to less shiny beings. If you did not clear out your bodies with sickness you would be stockpiling toxins and bacteria. When you are well it is time to walk forward with greater ease. Get outside and soak up some sunlight and use it to make yourself feel happy. It’s a very happy spring.

Angelic Help

Archangel Melchizadek

Throughout the ages we have had people who could hear us and write down or speak our words. We are willing to help humanity, and in earlier times we were more visible to you. There are a number of reasons why you stopped seeing us, and the most usual one is that you don’t believe you can see angels. There are a few who have unblocked their eyes and ears, and we teach them so they can pass on our teachings. We are beings of light and our teachings share our love of everything that exists right across the universe, where we can be present on any planet. We do not have limitations of time or space, so we can be present on many planets at once.

We have the ability to perform many roles, and we do multi-task, but we have tended to concentrate on certain aspects of our personalities so that everything has an angel who focuses their attention on it. There are angels of transformation and joy, beauty and freedom. By focusing their attention on one aspect of life they make sure it doesn’t get neglected and keeps its presence in the universe. We look after life by taking care of the details of life.

We are available to you, we’re all around you at the moment as 2012 advances, and we offer our help. At the moment we are dictating these channelled articles in the hopes they are helpful and assist you in preparing for the near future. It’s not going to be very long now until an explosion in the numbers of people who can see angels again, and we are just waiting for you to ask us for help. Call upon us for help in your everyday lives, because all the small events are what make up one whole life. You’ll be surprised at what we’re able to do.

The Beginning of the End

New Earth

By the Archangel of Light

We stand at the beginning of Earthly spring in the Northern Hemispheres, where the green hues spread and grow as we look down. The snow melts and the grass turns green, leaves fill out on trees and bushes and hide the ground. Every year is the same and we never tire of seeing spring arrive.  It is the time of year when the light is the most available to you, before the lush foliage of summer. Get outside and soak up the light, and visit with the spring flowers that need the bright days to flourish. It’s the last spring of the old world.

This year is no different until the middle of April when the universal wave of energy blasts through, picking up those who have prepared for the ride. This is the year of rebirth for the Earth, and the first major event. By separating humanity according to their energy, their light, and their readiness to flow a crack will appear in the whole – Earth and the life on her. From that point on the two parts of humanity will experience events differently, one with joy and excitement in the future, the other completely blind to what is happening. The crack allows movement and as you separate, the planet begins her process of separation also. The Earth is preparing to renew gently and this is the first step, the first crack in her old skin that will allow her to recreate herself later in the year.

The rebirth of the Earth is the big event of the year in your galaxy, it’s her turn in the spotlight. We angels are here like midwives to assist in that process, it is to our advantage to help it take place smoothly and with minimal disruption, and so it shall. But is that why you are here, to live bland and smooth lives, or did you come to enjoy yourselves and live it up? You are set to have the most fun a soul can have if you are ready in April, otherwise you won’t even be able to view the ride and miss it completely. This is a last push from us to get you to single-mindedly accomplish what is foremost in your minds, and to do the work that sets you free to enjoy this amazing year of 2012.

Winter Healing at Avebury follow-up part two

Avebury Stone Circle Today

By the Archangel Uriel

The last article mentioned the inflow of life force energy into Avebury circle, and part of the life of the universe is information about all living things that exist here. The universe is kept as a single entity by sharing information, and that is part of what we mean by “energy”, although the whole explanation is more complicated than that. That is the nature of what is entering now, information about the rest of the universe. You have been isolated from the rest of your body, and now it is time to remember what you are a part of. The energy and information circulating under your feet will begin to reconnect you to the rest of the universe by changing your environment.

The other function of Avebury is to send information out about everything that happens here, that is how she joins in the connection. Energy comes in and goes out in a two way flow, and the simplest way to illustrate this is by reminding you of how you communicate face to face. The face that is speaking is sending out information through mouth and eyes, and the face that is listening replies with the expression in their eyes and look of interest. It is a two way process; Avebury is like the Earth’s face, and it is the only one she has. This inflow of information will bring new ideas and new technology. Technological advances will seem to arrive out of nowhere overnight. You will find out that there is meaning to each individual life, and the ideology of separateness is stale. Joining together will appeal to you and give you joy.