Angelic Help

Archangel Melchizadek

Throughout the ages we have had people who could hear us and write down or speak our words. We are willing to help humanity, and in earlier times we were more visible to you. There are a number of reasons why you stopped seeing us, and the most usual one is that you don’t believe you can see angels. There are a few who have unblocked their eyes and ears, and we teach them so they can pass on our teachings. We are beings of light and our teachings share our love of everything that exists right across the universe, where we can be present on any planet. We do not have limitations of time or space, so we can be present on many planets at once.

We have the ability to perform many roles, and we do multi-task, but we have tended to concentrate on certain aspects of our personalities so that everything has an angel who focuses their attention on it. There are angels of transformation and joy, beauty and freedom. By focusing their attention on one aspect of life they make sure it doesn’t get neglected and keeps its presence in the universe. We look after life by taking care of the details of life.

We are available to you, we’re all around you at the moment as 2012 advances, and we offer our help. At the moment we are dictating these channelled articles in the hopes they are helpful and assist you in preparing for the near future. It’s not going to be very long now until an explosion in the numbers of people who can see angels again, and we are just waiting for you to ask us for help. Call upon us for help in your everyday lives, because all the small events are what make up one whole life. You’ll be surprised at what we’re able to do.