Winter Healing at Avebury follow-up part two

Avebury Stone Circle Today

By the Archangel Uriel

The last article mentioned the inflow of life force energy into Avebury circle, and part of the life of the universe is information about all living things that exist here. The universe is kept as a single entity by sharing information, and that is part of what we mean by “energy”, although the whole explanation is more complicated than that. That is the nature of what is entering now, information about the rest of the universe. You have been isolated from the rest of your body, and now it is time to remember what you are a part of. The energy and information circulating under your feet will begin to reconnect you to the rest of the universe by changing your environment.

The other function of Avebury is to send information out about everything that happens here, that is how she joins in the connection. Energy comes in and goes out in a two way flow, and the simplest way to illustrate this is by reminding you of how you communicate face to face. The face that is speaking is sending out information through mouth and eyes, and the face that is listening replies with the expression in their eyes and look of interest. It is a two way process; Avebury is like the Earth’s face, and it is the only one she has. This inflow of information will bring new ideas and new technology. Technological advances will seem to arrive out of nowhere overnight. You will find out that there is meaning to each individual life, and the ideology of separateness is stale. Joining together will appeal to you and give you joy.