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And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

I’ve written a third book called And I Saw a New Earth, and it’s another one channelled by my angelic guides. I knew it was coming, but I had to wait until after the New Year in January and start it in the new energy. I also had to finish before the next energy change took place in April. The second I finished it I realised that the three books were basically a trilogy, but they can be read in any order. They tell the story of the Earth, and the final book is more about us and our partnership with her. She is at the end of her 26,000 year cycle and ready to renew, and that will change everything for us who live on her. The story takes us through all the explanations of what happened the last time and what may happen next for us as a soul group. Nothing is set in stone, but we have the potential to be very happy people in the future with balanced, enjoyable lives.

The book covers what is happening right now, and that’s why it had to be finished on time. There are events beginning to take place now in April that I was writing about in February. The change in energy must result in change everywhere. This book is to give you hope that as some things fall apart you can be reassured that you are going to have something better rise out of it; a new world of beauty, fairness and purpose.

A long time ago in Atlantis the Archangels used to sit on a stone and gather people around to teach them about who they were and their place in the universe. This book is about who we are and our place in the greater universe, that we are getting closer to rejoining every day.

I just finished writing this book on time, and the typesetting and cover are being finalised. After that it’s a lot of form filling and uploading files. You can produce a lovely book now from a laptop at the kitchen table.

It has been an honour and a privilege for me to write these books. And I Saw a New Earth should be available in May from online retailers or myself.

ISBN 978-0-9565009-2-2

Azrael’s Bell

It looks a bit like this.

I am the Archangel Azrael, known to you as the Archangel of Death. I have a bell which rings at crucial, life-changing moments; those times call forth the sound of my deep bell. Some of you have heard it but not known what it was. There are few bells with the power to be heard the way mine is.

My bell is a marker of beginnings and ends, and it rang three times on Tuesday morning (April 24th). The events of the last week have been pivotal for the Earth and for the lives on her. On Tuesday morning healing was directed towards to all beings, human and non-human who suffer from mental illness of one sort or another. If you consider this carefully you will realise that your very lives make it difficult for you to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Somewhere between 98 and 99% of you could use a little healing somewhere. The angels answered the request for healing, and my bell tolled. You have entered a new era of well-being, to match the healthy new Earth that is already here, flickering in and out of view.

I am called the Angel of Death only by humanity, and you are the only species to not fully understand death. Death is the other side of life, and their relationship to each other is as close as the heads and tails on a coin. The coin is life, your physical life (heads) is active in a body and your death (tails) is a continuation of your soul. On your planet you talk about death as something to be feared, but it is not a void or an ending, it is existence in another form. No one ever needs to fear death, and you do not need to fear for your loved ones when they die. You will miss them, but you need not fear for them. The bell tolls for a time of renewal, of health, of a lessening of fear and sadness. It marks the beginning of a countdown or a timer being set from a day when people were healed and ready to move forward.

With blessings I leave you now, Azrael

Current Events

Current Events

By the Elohim

(see for a description of the Elohim and the wave of energy.)

Blogging is like a newsletter, it can keep readers up to date with events. The deep explanations are in the books I write, and the current events can be covered in a blog. They complement each other. Because the Earth is changing there are a lot of current events right now, and it’s a good thing the book is finished so I have time again to write blogs. (Candace)

Last week the still period ended; the quiet pool of time that allowed you to work and achieve your personal goals. For a few weeks any work you do will be against the background of a gale force wind. The energy is blowing so hard that trees are being blown down and buildings are acquiring a semi-transparent state. It is blowing hard enough to rip holes in sails if you were a ship, or even your soul; similar to a sail attached to your physical body. Some people out there are wondering why everything is suddenly so hard as they struggle to keep their feet on the ground.

Other people will have been meditating in the early part of the year and learned to know themselves, and have a strong connection into their bodies. In 2009 we wrote in Planet Earth Today that Reiki self-treatments would help get through this wave of energy. Those of you who are saturated with Reiki (or other healing methods) are the same energy as the golden wave.  This has the affect on you of not feeling the force of the wave, or the force of the wind. You are in the eye of the storm and can get on with your lives as usual in an effortless way. Better than effortless, you are beings of light and are helped by this wave of energy.

The Elohim are here right now to monitor and guide the force of the energy. We are like sails and nets ourselves and catch energy and hold it close to the Earth. This is the change from an Earth and people who were energy deficient, to beings saturated with love. The cracks are appearing in everything that cannot stand up to being surrounded by love.

Here We GO!

About mid-day on Monday here in the UK it was time to choose whether you were going on the roller coaster ride or not.






(See Having finished my book about half an hour earlier I was ready and I could see myself sitting there with my book clutched in my hands. I don’t want others to think that my ticket for the ride was the same as theirs, as individuals we could board in an instant if we chose light and moving forward. I know I was consciously working towards something that others were working towards subconsciously.

People climbed onto the roller coaster carts and waited. By Wednesday morning I (in the form of my higher self) was seeing who was there and who was missing.  I could see friends and family members on board, and some who weren’t. I pointed the roller coaster out and asked people to join us and some did, especially when they could see their children holding on ready for the ride. In the end there were about 67% of the human population who had climbed on when it began to move. Once it began to move that was the end of late boarding. I looked at one man who had been trying to urge his wife onboard who wouldn’t come, later he was just looking forward with the light on his face.

At the top of the run all you can see is light waiting for us, but I got a glimpse of the ride. When we go we will go with joy and laughter, truth and love, and it will start off with a flying leap through the clouds. That means we still won’t have a direct view of what’s happening for a little while. It reminds me of a wild simulator ride I took with the kids in the Science Museum in South Kensington, where the cart left the track and flew through the air before landing on a scrap of track across a ravine. We’re ever so high now, and I think by tomorrow morning we will be off and away.

Advice for this week – keep your heads up and keep looking around and noticing everything.

The first two weeks in May are good for sitting, resting and marvelling at the beauty of the planet.

See you on the other side, when everything has changed

Next day – I can see the energetic breeze has begun again this morning. It will get stronger from now on.

Streams of Symbols

The Earth spent a long time resting and unable to shine out with her own light. Since the spring of 2011 I’ve been watching the steady increase in the amount of light that rises from her and it intensified as 2011 progressed. The Earth’s energetic body is larger than the solid part we walk on, and she physically ends somewhere out at the end of her atmosphere. We have energy bodies far larger than our physical bodies, and she does too. She is stronger now and she is able to shine.

I occasionally go into London, and in the past it has been harder to see the light there as it works its way up past the Underground, sewage pipes, basement car parks, etc. A couple of weeks ago I sat eating lunch alone on the 5th floor of John Lewis on Oxford Street looking outside, and I focused on the light. It was rising strongly, but it had changed, and in the rays of light were the symbols of code. The next day I looked at my garden and the light had changed to look more like the twists and turns of solar flares, but still filled with symbols. By the Easter weekend there was a blizzard of symbols inside the house and outside, and the density of the blizzard is thickening.

We are pulling the information about the rest of the universe through the stone circle at Avebury, and it’s this information that is appearing in symbols of code. It circles through the earth and comes out in her energy fields. I can’t imagine how we can remain the same when this kind of information is pouring through and surrounding us. I’ve gone into greater detail about this flow of information in the book I’m finishing. There is so much happening at the moment it’s hard to know where to look next.