Current Events

Current Events

By the Elohim

(see for a description of the Elohim and the wave of energy.)

Blogging is like a newsletter, it can keep readers up to date with events. The deep explanations are in the books I write, and the current events can be covered in a blog. They complement each other. Because the Earth is changing there are a lot of current events right now, and it’s a good thing the book is finished so I have time again to write blogs. (Candace)

Last week the still period ended; the quiet pool of time that allowed you to work and achieve your personal goals. For a few weeks any work you do will be against the background of a gale force wind. The energy is blowing so hard that trees are being blown down and buildings are acquiring a semi-transparent state. It is blowing hard enough to rip holes in sails if you were a ship, or even your soul; similar to a sail attached to your physical body. Some people out there are wondering why everything is suddenly so hard as they struggle to keep their feet on the ground.

Other people will have been meditating in the early part of the year and learned to know themselves, and have a strong connection into their bodies. In 2009 we wrote in Planet Earth Today that Reiki self-treatments would help get through this wave of energy. Those of you who are saturated with Reiki (or other healing methods) are the same energy as the golden wave.  This has the affect on you of not feeling the force of the wave, or the force of the wind. You are in the eye of the storm and can get on with your lives as usual in an effortless way. Better than effortless, you are beings of light and are helped by this wave of energy.

The Elohim are here right now to monitor and guide the force of the energy. We are like sails and nets ourselves and catch energy and hold it close to the Earth. This is the change from an Earth and people who were energy deficient, to beings saturated with love. The cracks are appearing in everything that cannot stand up to being surrounded by love.