Streams of Symbols

The Earth spent a long time resting and unable to shine out with her own light. Since the spring of 2011 I’ve been watching the steady increase in the amount of light that rises from her and it intensified as 2011 progressed. The Earth’s energetic body is larger than the solid part we walk on, and she physically ends somewhere out at the end of her atmosphere. We have energy bodies far larger than our physical bodies, and she does too. She is stronger now and she is able to shine.

I occasionally go into London, and in the past it has been harder to see the light there as it works its way up past the Underground, sewage pipes, basement car parks, etc. A couple of weeks ago I sat eating lunch alone on the 5th floor of John Lewis on Oxford Street looking outside, and I focused on the light. It was rising strongly, but it had changed, and in the rays of light were the symbols of code. The next day I looked at my garden and the light had changed to look more like the twists and turns of solar flares, but still filled with symbols. By the Easter weekend there was a blizzard of symbols inside the house and outside, and the density of the blizzard is thickening.

We are pulling the information about the rest of the universe through the stone circle at Avebury, and it’s this information that is appearing in symbols of code. It circles through the earth and comes out in her energy fields. I can’t imagine how we can remain the same when this kind of information is pouring through and surrounding us. I’ve gone into greater detail about this flow of information in the book I’m finishing. There is so much happening at the moment it’s hard to know where to look next.