Uriel’s View of Planet Earth

By the Archangel Uriel

I am the Archangel of the Earth, and as I watch my planet, I see her as a ball of light encased in a crust. Cracks are appearing in this as she prepares to change and light is escaping from her true self. This is the one topic of conversation of every species that lives on her surface, except yours. The others are excited and planning for their futures, and you have no idea of the most important event for many millennia; the rebirth of your planet in 2012.

The Earth is a soul that lives in cycles, and this is her final months of the old before she begins her new cycle in December. You will be living on a planet that has changed in two important ways, her crust will have broken off and been cleaned away, and she will be stronger because of that. The Earth will be clean again and the accumulated detritus will be out of her way. Do not mistake a crust of heavy, solidified junk for the “solid” Earth you stand on. She provides you with a place to rest your feet and build your lives.

You’ve been used to living on a quiet planet, a weak one with less and less movement. She will have the freshness of youth again and be able to work at full strength. It’s hard to shine with light when there is a heavy crust on your surface, but she is already releasing light from the ground below your feet. You’ve lived surrounded by a dim fog, now you will be able to see more clearly. When you see something wrong, fix it.