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Glastonbury Healing Day

What can I add to the previous channelling? We sat on top of the Tor in the sunshine as visitors knowing that when it was time we would go down to the tree line and begin work. I was remembering that when you are in a place you can let go of the veil of time and see all that happened there in the past. I watched the boatmen punting on the lake that used to surround the Tor. I wanted to see Arthur’s last battle and suddenly the basin was filled to overflowing with armies of the enemy, and I was looking at the forces of the Shadow of the East. These were the men who overran the ancient post-Atlantean civilisations in Europe, and in their eyes they were the heroic warriors conquering land for their people. They had no knowledge or love for the Earth.

Then later we watched the soldiers of light come forth, and my guides were so excited! They plan these things carefully and work hard to make it all happen. I had gone to Glastonbury on one of the last days I could schedule and still fit into their timetable of events for the year.  Finally we were thanked by Arthur for our help and I could look at his face. He was man in his thirties with scars and toughness from a life of desperate battles, continually being pushed back and back. He was a warrior king who always did everything asked of him, no matter what the personal cost.

On the way back we stopped by Woodhenge and I have never spent enough time there to really work out the detail of what is going on. As you walk into it you sense the ground fall away; you can see your feet on Earth but the reality feels like you are walking in space. Standing in the centre surround by blackness and stars, I could hear the stars singing. I could see the universe around me and look down on a little, tiny Earth.  I don’t believe I’m the only person to have noticed this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t build Woodhenge there just to mark the spot where the universe is present on Earth.  Woodhenge is very close to Stonehenge with all its blazing light rising up, while Woodhenge draws in and down. I need to go back for a quiet meditation and picnic there one day.

The next scheduled healing day is the 11th of August for some ocean healing on a beach in West Sussex.  There’s a lot of energy building for it already.

King Arthur’s Return

By the Archangel Melchizadek

A long time ago there was a real King named Arthur, and we gave his history in our book The Downfall of Atlantis that spoke about the Time of Legends.  What we didn’t mention there was the possibility of Arthur’s return. Yet some of you knew that your stories of Arthur said he would come again when “England’s need was greatest”.  What you didn’t know was how that could ever come about.

We promised Candace a “day of miracles” for her Glastonbury Healing Day on the 26th of May, but we don’t like to let on in advance what our plans are. We make preparations, she picks the day, and we’re ready for her when she arrives with a group.  By the time she was standing in the shade at the bottom of the Tor she was part of an enormous ring of beings of light, and when her group quietly began healing, all they did was hold the space open for us to work. They could do this as incarnate members of the human race; they have a place here on Earth that we do not.

Our purpose was to slice the top off Glastonbury Tor (in a higher-dimensional sense) and allow the energy to rise up out of the Earth. It was counter-productive to have it plugged any longer. Inside the Earth the light rose and flowed over the sides of the Tor like a volcano with lava of light. It poured out and out into the basin around the Tor where the marshes and lakes once were. With the light came armies of light, knights and foot soldiers, each made of white light, so many that they filled the area and down the valley towards the sea. The Tor’s height energetically reduced in size and became lower as the light ran out, until we were able to re-establish Arthur’s city in that place. Knights and soldiers rushed to set it up. The final event was the return of Arthur and Guinevere, ready to battle once again for the light.

The significance of this is that these are not angels or various beings of light; these are humans of light and part of the great human soul. You are the race that is in the most trouble here on Earth, and you are the ones who need to get yourselves back into balance and back on track. You may think of these as ghosts or dead humans, but that is not exactly right. This is an army of humans who have chosen another way to be present on Earth and to work in the higher dimensions only. They are human energy workers and they don’t need a body this time around.  As they work in the higher dimensions they change the energy from dark to light, and that protects you and helps you.

You were not expecting this and it sounds like a legend come to life. The point of writing last year about the Time of Legends inside The Downfall of Atlantis was so it wouldn’t be so unexpected and hard to understand. The nature of the veils that you have been living with make it hard for you to take in this type of new information. The veils are thinning rapidly this year as the Earth changes, readying for its rebirth and push towards ascension. You receive help from unexpected places and sources because you are important to us; the Earth and all who live on it are important to the entire universe. You are a part of a whole, and you are loved.

Greek Gods?

Greek Gods

My daughter and I were sitting under a tree in my garden today that has some bluebells blooming around the base. There was a very large elemental standing there, one of the ones that looks a bit like an elephant. I got to talking to it about my garden and why it was visiting here.

He said that my garden looked and felt different because we loved it, took care of it, and interacted with the garden itself. We respected it for what it is. Obviously ours is not the only garden that has this kind of relationship with the humans who live in them. I could feel the gardens stretching beyond the fences on my side of the road, and many of them felt as hard as a paved road, while ours felt loose like a dug-over vegetable patch allowing the energy of the Earth to rise up, while the energy of the universe dropped down into it. He said he would show us what elementals see, and we saw the energy rising up from the Earth in waves looking like the Northern Lights.

As we looked up we could see beings resting on the upward flow of the Earth’s energy, layer after layer of them. They were supported by it and had a very relaxed posture, and they looked a bit like we do only white in colour. They had cities, and paid no attention to us; we weren’t sure they could even see us. I thought is this what the ancient Greeks described as the home of the Gods, where they lived on clouds? Were they able to see more clearly through the veils we are wrapped in back then? Is this what other people may have thought were angels in heaven?

The Return of the Light

Shower of Light

By the Archangel of Light

During the last few weeks the light has been growing on Earth. You may think that a few weeks is enough for Earth to be washed clean of all the darkness that sits in thick layers on her surface, but it is not. It will take a good part of this year to continuous shower her with light in order to clear away the dark energy and those who produce dark energy. Right now you are showing patches of light and dark depending on your location.

We know that some of you are desperately waiting for a new world of light, where the energy supports people and the planet instead of business and profits for a few. That’s not this year, this is the transition year. If you want a world of light to live in next year then you need to spend this year working towards your goal. It must be done on an individual basis, and collectively on a society level. You will benefit from turning over the rocks that make up your ruling governments and seeing what crawls out from underneath.

There are questions over the strength of your economies and your large banks and businesses. Economic problems seem to stretch on and on into your futures, and you feel helpless. You’re not helpless, and the most useful action is to resist propping up any more rotten businesses. If they are ready to fail it is better to let them tumble down. Put your efforts into making something new that fits with the new energy. The faster you let something go whose time is over, the faster you will have something new to go forward with. That’s what a transition is, a change to something new.

By the end of 2012 you will have begun a process of cleansing, where you will be moving with the same energy as the Earth herself; as she is cleansed you will clean out your own dark corners. Humanity will be helped by the same light that is helping the planet, with the same goal in sight. It’s one of the uses and purposes of light to illuminate what has been hiding in the dark.

Planting Seeds of Light

Seeds of Light

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The energy change that happened on the 18th of April began the new era for the human race. In this way you are moving more quickly than the planet itself. (see: Around 2/3’s of your population chose light and moving forward and the future belongs to them. That is the real difference between those who chose to go and those who did not, whether or not you have an ongoing pathway into the future. You are at this moment in time all standing together, but the split will widen and the effectiveness of the shadow people who decided against the light will diminish. They will live lives without energy, or spark, and after a few generations they will be gone. Their children may be born with life and a future, but these people, in this lifetime, had their chance to choose and they did not choose light.

For those of you who are working with the prevailing energy; it is the beginning of your future. What seeds are you going to plant now that will grow into a new life for you to enjoy? It’s time to sift ideas and search your hearts, and formulate how you want the rest of your life to be. As you head into a time of rapid change these ideas will be a guide for you. You will have chosen interesting and fulfilling paths to travel on, while you head towards a destination you desire. It’s important that you do this now, this next week and a half or so, before the energy changes again. We suggest writing your wishes, speaking them to a mirror or a family member and letting the words shift and refine until you have honed them into a straight direction. That is your first step on the new pathway. (Reiki people can include sending Reiki to supporting themselves on their new pathway during a self-treatment.)

The second step with seeds is to cultivate them. You have your pathway, now you have to move your feet along the path. What are the steps you need to take to bring your desires into being? You and you alone, must do what is necessary to bring your desired life into fruition. The good news is that the new energy will support your every step in the right direction. You have a better chance now than you have ever had before. Taking these steps into your future is living, and you are all here to live. We encourage you to actively live in a way that makes you happy and brings you happiness.