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Glastonbury Healing Day

Glastonbury Tor

I’ve put up a flyer for a day at Glastonbury on 26 May 2012 on my Calendar page. I’m reproducing it below:

The area around Glastonbury Tor is energetically active and vital to the process of rebirth that is taking place in 2012. The Tor looks like it is in a stage of transition, and the cracks in the higher dimensions are shining with light from the Earth. This is a visit to assist the Tor in opening and releasing light cleanly for the Earth’s highest good.

When the top of Glastonbury is opened the veils that are held there will drift away and we will begin truly seeing the world we live on. This is one step at the right time in that process.

These days are always great fun spent with a like minded group of people. The healing is vital, and we go to the places we are asked to, at the time when we can do the most good. The Earth is changing and we are able to help.

Healers and non-experienced people welcome.

Please contact me on the “contacts” page if you would like to come.

Day is from 11 to 5 to allow for travelling.

£20 not including food