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The Second Half of 2012

Mayan 2012

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You are half-way through the momentous year of 2012, and six months closer to the end of the old and the fresh new beginnings of 2013. You’ve hit a point where there appears to be unsolvable problems and desperate times ahead. Many of you feel that some of your economies and social systems are unsustainable and that you want certain things to be changed; but politicians won’t change them to your way of thinking. People are being squeezed in many ways, and when people are squeezed pressure builds up and continues to build until the weakest point gives way. It sounds scary.

I am speaking for the angels of light, and we see this as a slightly tricky part for you because so many begin to feel afraid for their futures. We don’t like fear, and we don’t see that it does any of you any good, ever. We wish that we could show you your future in just a few years time, when you have rebalanced yourselves and everything is rising again like bread dough. Right now you can’t rise, and your economies and your lives can’t balance because you have added little heavy bricks throughout your bread dough. These bricks are squashing you and getting in the way. You once thought this was the right way to make bread, and you would have the best bread ever except that now it is inedible. In other words you have created through your governments a mish-mash of ideas and schemes that make some of your lives very difficult.

How does this get untangled? How do you create clean and healthy lines of growth and happy people? Sometimes it’s by being put under pressure until something breaks loose. We want to emphasize that although you fear a dark future you don’t need to be afraid.

When you live in fear you are creating the future you are afraid of. Can you think instead that in just six more months the new earth and all that entails will be here for you? The energy to move forward will be overwhelming, and the energy will not support anything whose time is over.  To prepare for this time release everything you no longer have any use for, particularly old ideas and beliefs. The New Earth is a paradise for you where you will have the chance to be happy and loved. It will not exactly replicate your current lives, it will be better.

We have written so much more on this subject in the book “And I Saw a New Earth” to help you understand what to expect over the next few years. We can’t cover it all in articles.

Humanity and the New Earth

Walikng into the future

By the Archangel Melchizadek

We’ve written a few articles lately about 2012 and the changes that you can expect. The first event was when every human alive on this planet make their choice to go forward in light and trust, or not. That time is past and you all stand by the choices you made on that day in April. From that point on there has been some tension energetically as a gradual split has developed in humanity here on Earth. Some of you have been able to feel this tension as you separate.

The nature of the separation is to take two different roads, and we hesitate to say one is the high road and one is the low road. That could mean to some people that one is better than another. The roads all lead to the same destination, but the experiences of the travellers will be different. But there is a high road, just as there are higher dimensions, and two – thirds of those alive are walking into their futures of light. Since April every action has been to lead them into their own future, and many are making a considerable break with their pasts. These futures are realigning with light, and are placing people where they can (finally!) receive all the good things the universe has always wanted to give them. The remaining months of 2012 will be best used to take steps towards what you want in your individual lives, to position yourselves exactly where you want to be to live in joy. The fact that two-thirds of you are walking this way is good news, but we are sorry that it wasn’t all of you. You are going to find next year has a very different feel to it, and problems that seem impossible to solve now will quickly be dealt with. You won’t be very interested in the old dramas of 2012, but you won’t forget them either.

When you move forward into the new Earth you will make different choices about how you spend your time and where you live your lives. Many of you will begin a process of disengaging with the current problems, shaking off the worry and saying “no thanks.” For a few years there will continue to be international crises, but without the participation of the majority on a different path it will be hard to keep them going.  You just won’t care, and you will leave the fear and worry to the others who took the second road.

Humanity will not always be separate, but you will go through an adjustment period post-2012 where the old is pushed aside and the new world is embraced. It should be an exciting time for you all.

The Earth and the Universe

Earth's home

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I wrote about the trees and the universe a couple of days ago, and how the universe itself is realigning to accommodate the 2012 changes here on Earth. Is it possible that the universe changes to fit around the events on a single planet?

Perhaps if you think of the universe as similar to you in your human body as being whole –just one body, or one universe in this case. If something happens to part of your body, i.e. you stub your toe badly and your whole body leaps down to grab and rub it to make it feel better, then maybe you hop about and limp for a little while until it stops hurting.  The universe is a single unit and a conscious body, and the Earth is part of it. It’s also the place where everything is happening this year. You are part-way through the final year before everything changes under your feet. A new Earth is a new energetic Earth, and you will be living on a planet that has transformed itself yet again.

This has to affect you, and it’s already changing your societies. It will be felt in the water and air, and the land you walk on.  One phase of existence is drawing to a close and another begins. The entire universe shifts to accommodate the dropping away of the old Earth and make space for the new before settling down again.

We’ve said in the past that first the energy changes, then the physical changes. We don’t want you to imagine some sort of disastrous scenario, but we want you to be ready to step forward in joy. This year is best used to clearing out and discarding everything you don’t want to take forward. For most of you this will include emotional baggage and self-limiting beliefs. It’s time to plan for being happy.

What are the trees listening to?

We have a lovely local park with big trees in the town centre. Today my daughter tapped into the energy of the largest beech tree in the woods and could feel that it senses life through its roots. When stepping on the area of ground around a tree, the tree knows you are there by the weight of your feet and the energy you broadcast. It doesn’t see you with little tree eyes. The tree roots connect and share information around the planet and life is woven together in that way.

Going up the hill to the top of the park there is an old oak tree perched on the edge with a view out across the countryside. It’s not in the forest but stands in the sunshine. At the time of writing if you tune into that oak all you get is a “shush” and an awareness of a tree that is focused on listening. There is no energy going back into its roots, it is listening and trying to understand the message coming in. My daughter asked me what it was listening with so much concentration, and I listened and watched through its senses, and saw not the blue sky, but the blackness and the stars. The message was to anchor yourself sturdily and well, so you could hold on tight. This sounded familiar, but the next second my stomach dropped as the Earth itself went into an all-over spin like a top spinning in every direction. It was quite a ride.

Looking back into the dark sky there was a sound like the creaking of a wooden ship passing overhead as great swathes of the universe began to shift and alter.  The old universe is changing its alignments and making new patterns, and there will be a new universe and new beginnings everywhere. It looks like the universe is making space for the new Earth.

I wrote my latest book about the role of humanity in the universe (among other things), so I hope if you are interested in what is happening right now you will consider reading “And I Saw a New Earth” to understand the significance of 2012 on Earth and farther a field.  The books I write contain background information on the current events.

Do you read these articles and would you like to interact and have a dialogue about the topics? I would be interested in hearing from you.  If you want to comment on one of the older blogs, please email me.

“And I Saw a New Earth” for sale now

And I Saw a New Earth

My latest book, And I Saw a New Earth is now for sale online, and I have copies here at my house. If you would like to buy one from me; contact me on the “contacts” page.  The book pages on this website have more information about the book, and I wrote a blog about it:

The Mayan calendar ties into the rotation of the Earth around our galaxy, and it takes 26,000 years to return to the same location. Once Earth is there it has a brief time in direct contact with the Central Sun of the Milky Way. We are all bathed in the light coming through the Sun, and Earth most of all. She uses the energy to evolve and take a step forward, before beginning a new cycle. Many of the life forms on the planet will use the energy also for fresh beginnings. But this coming cycle was always going to be different.

We have been here on Earth for a long, long time and for various reasons we are going to receive a helping hand this time. We and the planet are already receiving more energy in the form of light than ever before, to help bring about change. One of the biggest changes is to alter our societies to bring about joy.

From the findings of the Leveson commission to the economic woes of the present months, the book was written to explain and reassure us that letting go of failed systems can lead to something better. The biggest change for humanity began in April 2012 and by December most of us will be ready to move forward with the planet.

What will the New Earth be like? How will she change and evolve, and how will that affect us? How will humanity change and evolve in the new energy? What exactly do the Archangels mean by “a New Earth?”  I didn’t know the answers when I started writing the book, but the Archangels have given the answers from their universal and timeless viewpoint.  They’re excited and happy about events, and want us to shed a burden of worry and concern over our individual futures and be happy.

On sale now on Amazon and other online retailers, and from myself.

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