“And I Saw a New Earth” for sale now

And I Saw a New Earth

My latest book, And I Saw a New Earth is now for sale online, and I have copies here at my house. If you would like to buy one from me; contact me on the “contacts” page.  The book pages on this website have more information about the book, and I wrote a blog about it: www.candacecaddick.com/2012/04/and-i-saw-a-new-earth/

The Mayan calendar ties into the rotation of the Earth around our galaxy, and it takes 26,000 years to return to the same location. Once Earth is there it has a brief time in direct contact with the Central Sun of the Milky Way. We are all bathed in the light coming through the Sun, and Earth most of all. She uses the energy to evolve and take a step forward, before beginning a new cycle. Many of the life forms on the planet will use the energy also for fresh beginnings. But this coming cycle was always going to be different.

We have been here on Earth for a long, long time and for various reasons we are going to receive a helping hand this time. We and the planet are already receiving more energy in the form of light than ever before, to help bring about change. One of the biggest changes is to alter our societies to bring about joy.

From the findings of the Leveson commission to the economic woes of the present months, the book was written to explain and reassure us that letting go of failed systems can lead to something better. The biggest change for humanity began in April 2012 and by December most of us will be ready to move forward with the planet.

What will the New Earth be like? How will she change and evolve, and how will that affect us? How will humanity change and evolve in the new energy? What exactly do the Archangels mean by “a New Earth?”  I didn’t know the answers when I started writing the book, but the Archangels have given the answers from their universal and timeless viewpoint.  They’re excited and happy about events, and want us to shed a burden of worry and concern over our individual futures and be happy.

On sale now on Amazon and other online retailers, and from myself.

ISBN 978-0-9565009-2-2