The Earth and the Universe

Earth's home

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I wrote about the trees and the universe a couple of days ago, and how the universe itself is realigning to accommodate the 2012 changes here on Earth. Is it possible that the universe changes to fit around the events on a single planet?

Perhaps if you think of the universe as similar to you in your human body as being whole –just one body, or one universe in this case. If something happens to part of your body, i.e. you stub your toe badly and your whole body leaps down to grab and rub it to make it feel better, then maybe you hop about and limp for a little while until it stops hurting.  The universe is a single unit and a conscious body, and the Earth is part of it. It’s also the place where everything is happening this year. You are part-way through the final year before everything changes under your feet. A new Earth is a new energetic Earth, and you will be living on a planet that has transformed itself yet again.

This has to affect you, and it’s already changing your societies. It will be felt in the water and air, and the land you walk on.  One phase of existence is drawing to a close and another begins. The entire universe shifts to accommodate the dropping away of the old Earth and make space for the new before settling down again.

We’ve said in the past that first the energy changes, then the physical changes. We don’t want you to imagine some sort of disastrous scenario, but we want you to be ready to step forward in joy. This year is best used to clearing out and discarding everything you don’t want to take forward. For most of you this will include emotional baggage and self-limiting beliefs. It’s time to plan for being happy.