The Second Half of 2012

Mayan 2012

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You are half-way through the momentous year of 2012, and six months closer to the end of the old and the fresh new beginnings of 2013. You’ve hit a point where there appears to be unsolvable problems and desperate times ahead. Many of you feel that some of your economies and social systems are unsustainable and that you want certain things to be changed; but politicians won’t change them to your way of thinking. People are being squeezed in many ways, and when people are squeezed pressure builds up and continues to build until the weakest point gives way. It sounds scary.

I am speaking for the angels of light, and we see this as a slightly tricky part for you because so many begin to feel afraid for their futures. We don’t like fear, and we don’t see that it does any of you any good, ever. We wish that we could show you your future in just a few years time, when you have rebalanced yourselves and everything is rising again like bread dough. Right now you can’t rise, and your economies and your lives can’t balance because you have added little heavy bricks throughout your bread dough. These bricks are squashing you and getting in the way. You once thought this was the right way to make bread, and you would have the best bread ever except that now it is inedible. In other words you have created through your governments a mish-mash of ideas and schemes that make some of your lives very difficult.

How does this get untangled? How do you create clean and healthy lines of growth and happy people? Sometimes it’s by being put under pressure until something breaks loose. We want to emphasize that although you fear a dark future you don’t need to be afraid.

When you live in fear you are creating the future you are afraid of. Can you think instead that in just six more months the new earth and all that entails will be here for you? The energy to move forward will be overwhelming, and the energy will not support anything whose time is over.  To prepare for this time release everything you no longer have any use for, particularly old ideas and beliefs. The New Earth is a paradise for you where you will have the chance to be happy and loved. It will not exactly replicate your current lives, it will be better.

We have written so much more on this subject in the book “And I Saw a New Earth” to help you understand what to expect over the next few years. We can’t cover it all in articles.