Anything is Possible

Oscar Pistorias, Olympian and Paralympian

By the Archangelic Collective

One of the nice things about London this summer is the tremendous change in the people and the energy here. Londoners and the people of the UK chose to be happy and to support athletes regardless of their sex or colour. All those artificial feelings that one person is better than another could have vanished for good. (Just writing about it makes me aware of how much energy is devoted to keeping one person separate from others.) We would rather see you happy and together.

Now we have the Paralympics! We have a chance to admire athletes that are almost as fast as the Olympian athletes.  How hard did they have to work to be that good? How many obstacles; mental, emotional and physical did they have to overcome? There is a tiny seventeen-year-old swimmer who had to swim so very fast to keep up with her able-bodied friends. She was a gold-medal winner in the Beijing Paralympics at the age of thirteen.

These Paralympics are here to open your hearts, and to empathise and feel the greatness of these competitors. Your heart is your single greatest organ.  The brain is the servant of the heart, and without your heart you are dead. Are you dead, or not feeling the thrilling joy of being alive? Watch the Paralympics and see large-hearted athletes from 166 countries show what is possible. Take all this into your hearts and experience the greatness of being human through the best the world has to offer.  From our point of view, this is the second half of the Olympic Games without which the first games would be incomplete.

Two and a half million Paralympic tickets have been sold to the general public for these games, compared to one hundred and fifty thousand in Beijing. The people of Britain have shown the world how to embrace and love people of any colour. This can never again be taken away from them.