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Angel Healing

Healing Angel

By the Archangelic Collective

We are able to see the point in your past lives where a part of you stopped moving forward. There are many reasons why this would happen, but in the end they revolve around personal fear and agony. We look at your past lives and at your future lives, because to us they do not follow one another in a line.  We do not live in linear time but in universal time.

We know that many of you are desperate to know what is coming next for you, and in some cases you have planned for a future that does not take account of your pasts. Imagine if all your lives were a string of still pools of water and a pebble is thrown into the one is the middle, the ripples would eventually reach every pool. You would watch it and think a miracle was taking place before your eyes.  Your personal soul has many lives to learn about yourself and what it is to be human.

If during one life you are rejected or frightened in some way you have seriously altered the health of your still pool (perhaps it’s no longer clear but murky) and that changes all of your lives.  We can see this major event and we have worked out how to help you. Past life healing takes place by undoing the damage right at the moment through Reiki or whatever is necessary. First we had this channel meditate on time everyday for six months until she really understood how to let go of linear time. When we now work with her she stands next to you in your past life and helps you right then. Either she gives healing, shows you that there is love in the world, makes you turn and look at what you have been so afraid of, or whatever is necessary in your case. We tell her what she needs to do so that you are helped. You can carry fear and pain through many lifetimes and we want to help you let it go.

Releasing these blocks allows you to alter all your lives, those that are behind and ahead of you. You may think that past lives are over and done, unalterable and unchangeable. From our point of view that is not the case as without linear time they are all taking place at once. Your psychoanalysts work on healing a person’s past to change the way one feels today, and this is a far more powerful and permanent help.

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The Last Four Months of 2012

And I Saw a New Earth

By the Archangel of Light

Your golden summer is over, and the pace is going to pick up now. You had a breathing space and found out that life could be fun, but for the rest of the year the speed of change is going to accelerate. In our book And I Saw a New Earth we described the end of this 26,000 year cycle which is four and a half months away. After that everything will change, because the Earth itself has renewed itself for the final push towards ascension. Your feet will walk on a planet that has completely changed and is giving out energy laced with light and love.

There is a young man from Tottenham, where the riots began last summer in London, who is a barefoot runner. He could feel the Earth beneath his feet and thought “This is IT” he sold his home and moved out to a new location and thought “When is it all happening?” It has begun already in patches and will complete the Earth’s transformation in December 2012. The Earth is going to transform gently in order not to lose anyone who wants to stay on.

Here’s how this could affect you: you may feel pressure where you have unresolved issues. Once you had time to deal with crises in your personal lives, but that luxury has gone. Suddenly its become life and death to see if you can let go and move forward. You will not be moving backwards and it is safe to run ahead with the help of the prevailing energy.

2012 is the year you get ready to move forward in 2013. Position yourselves somewhere new where you will be happy, and let your new lives unfold. Not doing this will increase the pressure on you until something gives.

The New Post-Olympic World

London Olympic Stadium at night

Archangel Uriel

First, I want to say that humanity has done more, jumped higher and run faster than anyone ever expected. Some of you who have been involved as spectators to the Paralympics have noticed that something very special has taken place over the last ten days.

The first Olympics brought together men and women of every colour to compete as equals, and that was an ongoing development from the previous decades. What was different was that for the first time the audience was colour-blind, and Usain Bolt is as big a hero as any to come out of the Olympics in recent years. The Olympics came of age with women’s sports showing how exciting their participation can be, and their games have a different quality and finesse to the strength of the men. When you begin to look past a person’s sex and the colour of their skin you find someone just like yourself – human.

These sportsmen and sportswomen were beautiful people who had trained for years and for hours every day to come to the Olympics and compete.  In other words they are worthy of your admiration. Are you still interested in reading about the antics of someone who is famous because they want to be? Who have no claim to fame other than they strive for your attention? Can you walk away from them now?

The second half of the Olympics brought together sportspeople who have imperfect bodies and minds. They train just as hard and run almost as fast as the able bodied. When you look into their eyes you can see beyond their bodies to their souls so much more quickly. Their races and sports were just as exciting as the earlier Olympics. There is one big new development – that is these people are no longer invisible. When a group of people is invisible you have discounted and pushed them aside as being of no value, and that means you think they are sub-human. There are no sub-humans. These people are a healthy part of you and capable of living enjoyable lives. They need to be visible and have fewer obstacles to their own success.

We write a lot about the flow of energy. You had a group of disabled people sidelined and stuck in meaningless lives. I think every one of the 2.5 million tickets holders who saw what they could do will never see them as incapable again. Those of you in the areas that were able to watch these athletes have changed, and your world has changed.  What was dark and stagnant now has light and flow, and you allowed some of the people with the greatest disabilities to thrill you with their skills and hard work. Your hearts were touched, and you bonded with the hearts of others. It’s been a time of happiness.

One day you will remember that you are all one, and it started with the London Paralympic games.

The Light Created by the Paralympics


By the Archangel Arial

The London Olympic park is hosting the people’s games, after the hierarchy and able-bodied athletes have gone home this park is full of people witnessing their fellow human beings being the best that they can be. This is a very happy place these days, and few would wish to be elsewhere. How long has it been since you looked at the disabled as your equal? Dare we say betters? These are the people who have faced their limitations and kept smiling. They share their disabilities with you by taking of their artificial limbs and jumping into the swimming pool. They perform at a high level in spite of balance problems, mental problems and missing limbs.

What do you (we mean all of you here) get out of this? You have the same energy happening again, a double helping of creating light and joy. In the mornings it begins with the heats and the circling of the tracks, and the running in the team games. Your movements move energy from stillness to rapidity, especially as they go round and round a track. They create of whirlwind from their own efforts. The audience is caught up and cheers and works to follow the sports, providing human energy to amplify what is happening below. Human emotions are created from human hearts. The light spreads up and sideways and leaves the park and starts to travel to spread around the world. Everywhere the light penetrates and changes the feel of what is happening locally.

You live on a planet that is changing and into the mix of change you created light out of your hearts. The people who touched your hearts are the fit and disabled athletes. It is not possible to suck that light back in now and pretend it never happened. We know that humanity doesn’t always feel good about itself, but here you are at your very best creating light through love – all of you.