The Last Four Months of 2012

And I Saw a New Earth

By the Archangel of Light

Your golden summer is over, and the pace is going to pick up now. You had a breathing space and found out that life could be fun, but for the rest of the year the speed of change is going to accelerate. In our book And I Saw a New Earth we described the end of this 26,000 year cycle which is four and a half months away. After that everything will change, because the Earth itself has renewed itself for the final push towards ascension. Your feet will walk on a planet that has completely changed and is giving out energy laced with light and love.

There is a young man from Tottenham, where the riots began last summer in London, who is a barefoot runner. He could feel the Earth beneath his feet and thought “This is IT” he sold his home and moved out to a new location and thought “When is it all happening?” It has begun already in patches and will complete the Earth’s transformation in December 2012. The Earth is going to transform gently in order not to lose anyone who wants to stay on.

Here’s how this could affect you: you may feel pressure where you have unresolved issues. Once you had time to deal with crises in your personal lives, but that luxury has gone. Suddenly its become life and death to see if you can let go and move forward. You will not be moving backwards and it is safe to run ahead with the help of the prevailing energy.

2012 is the year you get ready to move forward in 2013. Position yourselves somewhere new where you will be happy, and let your new lives unfold. Not doing this will increase the pressure on you until something gives.