The Light Created by the Paralympics


By the Archangel Arial

The London Olympic park is hosting the people’s games, after the hierarchy and able-bodied athletes have gone home this park is full of people witnessing their fellow human beings being the best that they can be. This is a very happy place these days, and few would wish to be elsewhere. How long has it been since you looked at the disabled as your equal? Dare we say betters? These are the people who have faced their limitations and kept smiling. They share their disabilities with you by taking of their artificial limbs and jumping into the swimming pool. They perform at a high level in spite of balance problems, mental problems and missing limbs.

What do you (we mean all of you here) get out of this? You have the same energy happening again, a double helping of creating light and joy. In the mornings it begins with the heats and the circling of the tracks, and the running in the team games. Your movements move energy from stillness to rapidity, especially as they go round and round a track. They create of whirlwind from their own efforts. The audience is caught up and cheers and works to follow the sports, providing human energy to amplify what is happening below. Human emotions are created from human hearts. The light spreads up and sideways and leaves the park and starts to travel to spread around the world. Everywhere the light penetrates and changes the feel of what is happening locally.

You live on a planet that is changing and into the mix of change you created light out of your hearts. The people who touched your hearts are the fit and disabled athletes. It is not possible to suck that light back in now and pretend it never happened. We know that humanity doesn’t always feel good about itself, but here you are at your very best creating light through love – all of you.