Travelling Toward the New Earth

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

It’s been a week since the chasm opened up in front of humanity, and closed again. The old Earth is behind you now, still populated by those who did not choose to come. Those of you who chose light earlier this year are moving very swiftly towards 2013. You look like you are moving over the earth, all ready to plant your feet firmly on the ground when you arrive. The Earth turns below you. You are moving forward effortlessly.

We have watched over many of you all year so you would have this experience, this gift of moving without effort or drag. Sometimes we gave you a little push in the right direction. When you land next year you need to land solidly on your feet and take up your lives. That will be in early January. Before that happens the next set of changes are aimed at the Earth itself. She will renew herself and you will not be troubled by this, as you are coasting on your paths just above her.  This is deliberate so that it will be easy for you, and you will be flowing into your new lives without obstacles.

You have two months to keep going, take steps, and make decisions on your own behalf. This is one of those times when self-focus will pay off. For these months make sure you do what you need to do for yourself. We know that life is not just about selfishness, but just for two months make sure you take the most important steps for yourself, even though you interact with and help others. Help them as you are able, but make sure you help yourself. No excuses.