12.12.12. Avebury Event

Avebury in winter

I put up another flyer for a day to Avebury Stone Circle. When we were there this week I realised that Avebury would be the place to be on the 12th to watch everything start. The flyer is reproduced below and on the drop down menu of the calendar page.

Wednesday 12th December 2012


Avebury Stone Circle on 12.12.12 will host the beginning of the rebirth of the Earth. It is the only place on Earth that is already attuned to accept the new energy as it arrives, and is the place where the changes will begin. By being present at Avebury on that day you will be able to witness the beginning of the new energy as it is brought into the circle.

The personal benefit to being there on the day is to stand on the New Earth as it begins, to take advantage of the strongest and freshest energy to start the new cycle of the Earth’s existence. To be out-of-doors on that day at the centre of change may jump-start your own renewal and progress in life. This is an opportunity to be in the new energy at its strongest and brightest. From 12.12.12 onwards there will be energetic changes that will feed through into changing the world, by being at Avebury at the very beginning you will move forward energetically with the New Earth. As a clairaudient channel I will be there to help people to see and understand what’s happening on this very special and unique day; the first day of the 26,000 year cycle.

The day is planned to start at 11 a.m. at the National Trust Coffee shop in Avebury. If you are planning on coming from Reigate or Surrey I would like to organise ride sharing.

Please contact Candace Caddick

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel



Leave Reigate, Surrey at 9 a.m.

Cost £20

 Food not included.